The Power And Influence Of Carl And Sander Levin Of Michigan

Two brothers from Michigan have become extremely influential in Congress, despite their lack of charisma or self promotion.

I am referring to Senator Carl Levin and his older brother, Congressman Sander Levin.

Carl Levin is a hard working, committed Senator who chairs the Armed Services Committee. He also received extra notice two days ago when he led the questioning of Goldman Sachs executives as the head of a subcommittee investigating the role of that financial company in the collapse of the American economy in 2008. Having served since 1979 in the Senate, he is now in his sixth term, the longest of any Michigan Senator, and plays a very influential role in a quiet way.

Sander Levin has served a House district in the Detroit area since 1983, and with the departure, at least temporarily of Charles Rangel as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Levin has become its interim chairman. Being Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee means Sander Levin is for now, at least, the most significant single committee chairman in Congress, as all money bills MUST first make it through that committee, and the chairman can be a barrier, if he wishes to be, of any financial legislation. But again, Sander Levin, like his brother Carl, has an excellent reputation as he seeks his 15th term in Congress this fall.

So without many realizing it, the Levin brothers are an integral part of the accomplishments and achievements of the Democratic party in Congress!

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