Time For National Action On Illegal Immigration!

The pending signing of discriminatory legislation in Arizona that allows any person of Hispanic ancestry to be stopped on the street by police and asked for his proof of citizenship is an alarm bell, and an attack on civil rights and civil liberties!

It is guilt by appearance and racial profiling, and that is unacceptable! 🙁 And once Arizona is able to enforce this outrageous law, it could lead to other states adopting the same strategy! This cannot be allowed to occur!

While dealing with illegal immigration has been an issue many would prefer to avoid, it is now urgent that the US government, through the Congress and the President, act to set up a national standard of what is to be done!

The states cannot be allowed to do whatever they want, as civil liberties and civil rights cannot be permitted to go back to the old days in seventeen states, where segregation, lynching, and violation of voting rights to African Americans was able to be practiced!

Arizona cannot be given the opportunity to become the Mississippi or Alabama of the 1960s! And Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain, who both had a more open minded attitude on immigration in the past, cannot be treated other than as senators who should be condemned for their turn toward bias, prejudice, and discrimination, all for the goal of staying in public office!

This despicable action in Arizona, now being investigated by the Obama Administration, must be negated, and the Republican party,which supports it in that state, should be punished by a massive Hispanic turnout, putting the Democrats in power as the party which has a fair minded attitude on the subject!

If the Republican party nationally chooses to make this an issue, it will only add to their growing image of being a narrow based, prejudiced party, which will be on the losing side of history, as the nation become more ethnic minorities every decade. Trying to be an all white Anglo party is a losing proposition in the long run, strategically and ethically!

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