The Democrats, The Republicans, And Public Perceptions

Congress is never very popular, and particularly this year with the bruising partisan fight over health care.

But a new CNN poll shows more people, 51 percent, think Democratic policies are good for the country, compared to 46 percent who think they would be bad. By comparison, 53 percent think the Republican policies would be bad for the nation, compared to 42 percent who think they would be good.

These numbers have not changed much since August, when the rowdy town halls and the rise of the Tea Party/Freedom Works activists seemed to be hinting the country was turning against the Democrats.

So considering all of the fireworks and partisanship, the Democrats still seem to be in pretty good shape, but of course they must emphasize the good they have done by promoting health care during the upcoming midterm congressional elections, which will be crucial to the continuation of the Obama agenda.

In other words, the Democrats cannot rest on their laurels, but must aggressively promote the positive nature of their initiatives in the 111th Congress. That is still a better message than the constantly negative tone of the GOP as an obstructionist group which refused to cooperate at all on solving the issue of health care reform. The Democrats MUST not allow the negativism and fear tactics of the Republicans to sway voters, and must fight hard for every seat in Congress and every governorship!

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