Ted Kennedy Is Happy Today!

The late Senator Ted Kennedy may be gone, but he is not forgotten!

His widow, Vickie, was present this morning when the Senate passed the Health Care Reform bill 60-39, and she had tears and was hugged by many at the moment when it became official.

Vickie Kennedy had indicated a few days ago that while the legislation was not exactly what Ted would have wanted, since it does not have a public option, that her husband would still be pleased that the Senate and the House have finally taken action on an issue first proposed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, and actively pursued since President Harry Truman’s administration.

So this is indeed a time to rejoice, and as the years go by, the Democratic party will be able to improve the legislation piecemeal, and a majority of Americans will applaud and appreciate the sacrifices that the Democrats went through to gain the passage of this essential reform!

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