The Hypocrisy Of Michele Bachmann: Government Handouts For Her Family Farm

Conservative Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, a major critic of the Health Care Reform legislation, and a leading firebrand accusing the Democrats of being “socialistic”, has now been shown to be a true hypocrite.

While she opposes government “handouts”, it turns out her family farm received a subsidy of $251,000 under the agricultural subsidies program from 1995-2006. At the same time, she has voted against every foreclosure relief bill designed to help families in danger of losing their homes!

So it is fine to take a government subsidy, collect a full salary as a Congresswoman, and get federal health benefits, but deny any kind of assistance to Americans in trouble. Is this anything else other than hypocrisy? 🙁

The hope is that Bachmann can be defeated in 2010 because even many leaders of the Republican party think she has been a detriment to the GOP message with her firebomb throwing types of statements!

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