The Big Lie Revived As Last Ditch Effort By Critics Of Health Care Reform

Earlier today, I wrote about the number one political lie of 2009–the claim by Sarah Palin that the health care legislation under consideration provided for “death panels”.

As the year ends and the health care legislation is about to pass the Senate, the opponents are reviving this ridiculous, completely unfounded lie!

At this late moment, Sarah Palin is reasserting her belief in this total fabrication, and she has been joined in this effort by Michele Bachmann, and Fox News Channel!

Why is it that these women and the so called “news channel” have no decency and dignity, and are willing to perpetuate a lie, and promote fear and division and uncertainty and insecurity among the American people?

In the long run, these sources of division and manipulation will suffer in the public estimation once the health care legislation is in full swing and seen as a positive development for the American people. That day coming cannot be soon enough!

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