Barack Obama And The African American Community Disillusionment

An interesting development is the growing criticism of President Obama by the African American community, particularly the Congressional Black Caucus.

There has been growing criticism by many African American spokesmen in and out of Congress that the President has not yet addressed the skyrocketing unemployment and foreclosure problems faced by many in their communities as a result of the Great Recession.

Many feel that Obama has gone out of his way NOT to favor or promote the interests of their community, almost as if he wants to avoid seeming to lean in the direction of people of his own heritage to avoid being considered a racist or as a “black” President.

It shows the problem Obama has, that if he were to show obvious attention to his specific heritage group, it would anger many working class whites who already are suspicious of his motives. But by avoiding such a connection, his own community is rapidly becoming disillusioned with him regarding these crucial economic issues.

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