Inexplicable Stonewalling By Obama White House On Security Breach

It is inexplicable to many observers why the Obama White House is stonewalling an investigation by Congress of the security breach at the first formal state dinner for the Indian Prime Minister last week.

Obama’s refusal to let the White House Social Secretary testify as to how a couple were able to get into the White House dinner when they were not on the official guest list is extremely disturbing, as it is a potential danger if this kind of breach were to occur again.

It would have been easy, had this couple wished to do harm to the President or Vice President or anyone else at the dinner, to use a knife on the dinner table to assault someone.

The fact that Obama is willing to invoke executive privilege is mind boggling on such an issue as this, as it harms the President’s supposed intention to be transparent, after clearcut criticism of the Bush White House for being secretive and invoking executive privilege to prevent investigations into many controversies which arose during those eight years.

We were told this administration would be different, but apparently this is not the case, and it undermines faith and trust that things are really going to be different now.

What is it about Presidents that they all seem to be hypocrites, willing to be critical of their predecessors, and yet utilizing the same tactics, and attempting to avoid responsibility for the transgressions of those who they appoint, who only undermine the image of their Presidency?

One comment on “Inexplicable Stonewalling By Obama White House On Security Breach

  1. Mike December 4, 2009 3:21 pm

    I totally agree Dr. Feinman. Barack Obama promised change, change and more change but so far not much real evidence of honest fundamental changes in the White House. I often gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought there was a chance that he could honestly be different but as time goes on I see why I was never a supporter of his. I know you still support him in a lot of areas that I do not but we can both agree that a lot of things in this current administration do not add up and Obama is looking more and more like an ordinary president on most policies and actions.

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