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13 Years Of “The Progressive Professor”, And 7,165 Entries!

Thirteen years ago on August 11, 2008, this author and scholar began “The Progressive Professor”, at the suggestion of his son David.

I have posted 7,165 entries to this date, an average of 550 per year, or 1.5 entries daily, although there have been rare dates when I have not posted, and those dates, more years ago than recently, when I posted multiple entries.

Still, to have persisted at this commitment from the time of Barack Obama being nominated for President in 2008 to the insanity of Republican governors acting like Fascist dictators in the summer of 2021 regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic, is an amazing series of events!

I hope to continue this blog for many more years, and I want to make clear I also post articles on History News Network since January 2016, and have close to 180 articles of longer length there for readers to peruse.

All of those articles, besides being under the blog name “Ronald L. Feinman”, are also listed on the right side of my blog.

I wish to thank my readers and the comments that have been made over the years–a total of 22,088 at this writing! I encourage continued commentary on all issues!

Let all of us remain healthy, and use the brains given to us to make wise decisions that protect ourselves, but also display our compassion and empathy for others, and employ common sense in our thinking!

A Milestone Reached: 7,000 Entries Since August 2008 Of “The Progressive Professor” Blog

This website began when the author’s older son suggested that I start a blog, as I had strong opinions and background knowledge, and the desire to share my views and thoughts with others!

It has now been 12.5 years since “The Progressive Professor” began, what has become over the years a daily commentary, with only an occasional date missed, and some days in the past with multiple entries.

So the “magic number” of 7,000 entries is being accomplished after 4,584 days, meaning an average of 47 entries each month.

I wish to thank all those who have read my blog over the years, and those who have commented on entries, and added their own knowledge and thoughts, which has enriched the website.

I hope the various websites, radio shows, articles I have published, lectures, and other material is helpful to everyone who accesses this website.

The hope is that this website will continue to prosper for many more years, so thanks to everyone reading this!