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A Milestone Reached: 7,000 Entries Since August 2008 Of “The Progressive Professor” Blog

This website began when the author’s older son suggested that I start a blog, as I had strong opinions and background knowledge, and the desire to share my views and thoughts with others!

It has now been 12.5 years since “The Progressive Professor” began, what has become over the years a daily commentary, with only an occasional date missed, and some days in the past with multiple entries.

So the “magic number” of 7,000 entries is being accomplished after 4,584 days, meaning an average of 47 entries each month.

I wish to thank all those who have read my blog over the years, and those who have commented on entries, and added their own knowledge and thoughts, which has enriched the website.

I hope the various websites, radio shows, articles I have published, lectures, and other material is helpful to everyone who accesses this website.

The hope is that this website will continue to prosper for many more years, so thanks to everyone reading this!

Celebration, As This “Progressive Professor” Blog Reaches Its 6,000th Posting, After Nearly Ten Years!

Today, June 8, 2018 is a day to celebrate, as this posting you are now reading is the 6,000th posting since the author began this expression of his beliefs and of important historical and political events nearly ten years ago.

In two months and three days (August 11), it will be exactly ten years since my son, David Feinman, knowing my strong knowledge of history, and passion for politics, suggested that I start a blog.

Now, nearly ten years later, my blog not only includes the 6,000 postings, but also many intelligent and contributory comments by my readers and supporters.

It also includes a wide variety of web sites on the right side, as well as all of my History News Network articles, and those reproduced on Time and Newsweek, as well as articles on The Hill website.

Additionally, my C Span events on my Assassinations book, and a wide multitude of radio appearances are included, especially those on WWGH 107.1 FM, Marion, Ohio, over the past year, as well as others on Blog Talk Radio and other sites, and also relevant newspaper articles, and several videos of lectures on Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson at Florida Atlantic University Lifelong Learning in Jupiter, Florida.

This has been a fascinating and enriching nearly ten years, and I hope to continue to do this blog for many more years.

And I invite all of my readers to continue to contribute their comments and ideas, as they add a lot to this blog!

Two Great New Websites For Progressives And Liberals

Two new websites will inspire those who consider themselves progressives or liberals, and they should become standard for all of similar political persuasion to visit those sites.

These two sites are:

The Progressive Press

Liberals Unite

The first one just began operation yesterday, the day before the second Inauguration Day of President Obama.

The second one has been around since September 2011, but just discovered by the author..

There can never be enough websites and blogs to promote the progressive-liberal cause, as there is a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding of what the American experiment in democracy is all about, and these and other websites like them enlighten those who are willing to open up their minds to truth and legitimate facts.