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Tenth Anniversary Of “The Progressive Professor”: 6,066 Entries And Counting!

Today, August 11, 2018, is the TENTH anniversary of “The Progressive Progressive” blog!

In these ten years, I have published, including this entry, 6,066 contributions to political and historical discussion of public issues.

It has been a thorough delight sharing my thoughts and perceptions with many others, and I applaud all those readers who have contributed to this blog with their comments and thoughts.

This blog not only has these entries with major topics easily found, but also has my History News Network columns, my radio appearances, my cable and lecture videos, my two published books, and a wide variety of relevant websites on history and politics.

I plan to continue this blog for many more years, and to see America overcome the crisis and threat represented by Donald Trump, and I hope my audience will keep their loyalty, and that new participants will join those who have added so much to this website.

So cheers and good health and fortune to all who see this!

New Series On C-Span On Presidential Contenders (Losers) Who Made A Difference Historically, Starting Friday at 8 PM!

An important new series on C-Span begins this Friday night, September 9, at 8 PM, and continues for a total of 14 Fridays through December 9!

This is worthwhile for anyone who reads this blog to note, and to watch, as it adds a great deal to our history. The whole concept of this series excites me, and hopefully, all others who love American History and Politics!

The series will consist of 90 minute episodes, centered at important historic sites of 14 men who ran for President and lost, all part of this series.

The 14 Presidential losers being covered in the series include:

Henry Clay
James G. Blaine
William Jennings Bryan
Eugene Debs
Charles Evans Hughes
Al Smith
Wendell Willkie
Thomas E. Dewey
Adlai Stevenson
Barry Goldwater
Hubert Humphrey
George Wallace
George McGovern
Ross Perot

As a side commentary, this series could be substantially longer than 14 episodes, as 12 other Presidential losers that could be seen as significant would include:

Stephen Douglas
Samuel Tilden
Robert La Follette, Sr.
Strom Thurmond
Henry A Wallace
John Anderson
Walter Mondale
Michael Dukakis
Bob Dole
Al Gore
John Kerry
John McCain

I highly recommend all who read this blog to tune in to this wonderful series, and in the process, gain new insights into American History!