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Complexities of Israel-Hamas War Complicate American Politics Going Into 2024!

The Israel-Hamas War after nine weeks is complicating American politics going into 2024!

Joe Biden has been very supportive of Israel, even with more than 17,000 plus deaths in the Gaza Strip caused by the Israeli offensive against the terrorist group, Hamas, which killed about 1,200 Israelis on October 7, the greatest loss of Jewish lives since the Nazi Holocaust in World War II.

There were righteous anger and desire on the part of Israel to destroy Hamas, but now it has become a massive Holocaust of the loss of so many Palestinians who are simply “stuck” in a war zone they cannot escape.

And the government of Benjamin Netanyahu is responsible for failing to insure Israeli citizens safety, with the shocking lapses in intelligence and security.

And Netanyahu refuses to plan for a “two state solution”, which ultimately needs to happen.

But right now, there is such hatred and division in the midst of massive deaths on both sides, and it has caused widespread antisemitism and Islamophobia in America, and complicates politics in America as we go into an election year!

15 Year Anniversary Of “The Progressive Professor”! :)

Fifteen years ago on August 11, 2008, this author and blogger created this political and historical blog, “The Progressive Professor”!

A total of 7,862 entries have been published in these 15 years, and 22,922 comments!

I have enjoyed being committed to the discipline of this blog, and hope to continue it in future years, as long as I am able.

I want to thank my readers over these 15 years, and I hope that I have enlightened many readers and followers with my insights as a Professor of American History, Government, and Politics, and as the author of two books.

Thanks, everyone, for the attention you have given this blog over the years!

Back From Wonderful Vacation In London And Paris With My Older Son, And Ready To Resume Regular Commentary On American Politics, Government, And History

I am happy to announce that I have returned from a wonderful vacation in London and Paris with my older son, and am ready to resume regular commentary on American Politics, Government, and History.

I had never traveled overseas since my younger son was Bar Mitzvahed in 1996 in Israel, but my older son has done a lot of travel in Europe, some for work purposes, and also for vacations. He wanted to treat me to an all expenses paid trip to my two favorite European nations, the United Kingdom and France, to honor me for Fathers Day, and for his 40th birthday, with him being born on that day in 1979.

We saw all of the historic and cultural sites I had always wanted to visit, and it enriched my historical and cultural knowledge, and increased the bonding I have for my older son, but with equal feelings for my younger son as well. This was a trip of just the two of us, since we had not spent much time together over the past decade since he moved to the Washington DC area, and myself continuing to reside in South Florida.

I was totally out of touch for the two weeks in regards to the news, and only now am catching up on the events, including the danger of war with Iran; the resignation of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders; the threat to have mass deportation of undocumented immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement; the usual maniacal behavior and utterances of Donald Trump; and the preparations for the first Democratic Presidential debates in Miami this coming Wednesday and Thursday, June 26-27, with Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg not having the best fortune in this past week, and Elizabeth Warren seemingly surging for now, while others are hoping for a breakthrough as a result of these two nights of debates.

I plan to comment daily on those events and trends that seem worthy of the most attention, and I am glad to invite my readers to return to a daily interaction, although while visiting Washington DC in two weeks from now for tourism and family, it is possible I might miss a day or two as a result.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience, as I took the most wonderful and enriching trip imaginable in the past two weeks.

The Dangerous Mental Instability Of Donald Trump Endangers American Politics And Foreign Policy

America is faced with a political crisis that many seem not to realize exists, as the Presidential Election campaign of 2016 evolves.

Businessman Donald Trump is looked at by many as a cartoon character, someone not to be taken seriously.

This is a major mistake, as Donald Trump is a maniac and an egotist who endangers American politics and foreign relations.

Many people laugh and say there is no way that Trump can be the Republican Presidential nominee, and no way he could be elected President.

While that certainly seems legitimate to believe, the discontent of the American people with their political system and the role of America in world affairs, means that there is no way to say how Americans at large might react to Trumps’s blustering, bullying, and braggadocio.

Trump has been on the attack against every Republican candidate for President, and has not minced words in his insults, and it makes great theater.

But his insults undermine the concept of civility and decency in our politics, and will lead to a further disillusionment and deterioration of our body politic.

It seems apparent that Trump will run as a third party candidate, since the GOP will do everything it can to prevent his nomination, and that will insure that the Democrats will win, the only good result that is likely to occur from the Trump candidacy.

But Trump should not be seen as simply a laughable figure who adds entertainment to the political scene.

He must be seen for what he really is—a dangerously mentally ill and unstable personality, who could cause the spread of racism and nativism as legitimate, since he is engaged in such beliefs. He could also cause international instability with his attacks on Mexico, Russia, China, Iran and other nations, as many ill informed Americans might agree with his sentiments on these nations, and could, therefore, provoke new stresses on President Obama’s ability to control foreign relations.

We do not need a “loose cannon” who has no limits and endangers the nation, as his rhetoric could also inspire “lone wolves” to attempt to harm President Barack Obama, as well as any and all of the Presidential candidates, and even, ironically, Donald Trump himself! Do not forget that Trump still contends that Obama was not born in the United States, and “Birthers” still congregate around him and his candidacy!

C Span Founder Brian Lamb Steps Down As Chief Executive Officer: His Great Accomplishments!

Anyone who is interested in American history, politics, and government cannot imagine living without C Span, the cable company founded in 1978 by Brian Lamb, who was its Chief Executive Officer from its inception, until the end of this month, when he will step down and become executive chairman of an indispensable cable channel.

It is hard to remember what it was like before C Span, which began as a channel to cover the US House of Representatives live, but developed further into a second channel which covered the US Senate live, and then a third channel which covered American History in all its manifestations, live and taped.

All kinds of special programs and events have been covered 24 hours a day on all three C Span channels, and have enriched knowledge of history, politics and government, making those who watch or look at C Span online much more educated and insightful about how our country works, and also examining the outside world of foreign affairs as well.

Brian Lamb has been a giant in cable development, and will be long appreciated as having made a great contribution to improving our understanding of the political world around us.

There is no more important and precious set of channels on cable than the three C Span stations, and it has come about at a very low cost, and in a manner non partisan, and objective and open minded!

All the best to the future of C Span under its new leaders, Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain!

The Problem Of Trust : A Crisis In American Politics! :(

As Americans in four states vote today in party primaries and to replace Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania, it is obvious that there is widespread alienation of the average citizen toward their government, and it is not just one party or the other, or in fact, just the national government, but also state and local governments!

There are constant revelations of sex and financial scandals, and of lying about one’s background and credentials! This happens on a regular basis in many states across the country, including in South Florida as recently as the past 24 hours! 🙁

Within the last day, we have discovered that Connecticut Democratic Senate nominee Richard Blumenthal, the state Attorney General for 22 years, lied about his Vietnam service, a stunning revelation for a person who has been the chief law enforcement officer of his state for a generation! This will make it impossible for him to have a clear shot at winning what was thought to be an easy election to succeed Christopher Dodd!

But also just occurring is the revelation of an affair of Republican Representative Mark Souder of Indiana, and his announcement that he will resign from the House of Representatives!

Can the American people ever again believe in their office holders in governments at all levels, when there has been an epidemic of scandals and lies that seems never to stop? 🙁

When again will we be able to imagine that those who represent us can be believed and respected and trusted to govern us? 🙁

This is the question of 2010, but really of any year, and is troubling for those who have children and want them to believe in the reliability and truthfulness of adults, not only politicians, but also entertainers and sports figures, who constantly set a bad example for the future generation! 🙁