The Problem Of Trust : A Crisis In American Politics! :(

As Americans in four states vote today in party primaries and to replace Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania, it is obvious that there is widespread alienation of the average citizen toward their government, and it is not just one party or the other, or in fact, just the national government, but also state and local governments!

There are constant revelations of sex and financial scandals, and of lying about one’s background and credentials! This happens on a regular basis in many states across the country, including in South Florida as recently as the past 24 hours! πŸ™

Within the last day, we have discovered that Connecticut Democratic Senate nominee Richard Blumenthal, the state Attorney General for 22 years, lied about his Vietnam service, a stunning revelation for a person who has been the chief law enforcement officer of his state for a generation! This will make it impossible for him to have a clear shot at winning what was thought to be an easy election to succeed Christopher Dodd!

But also just occurring is the revelation of an affair of Republican Representative Mark Souder of Indiana, and his announcement that he will resign from the House of Representatives!

Can the American people ever again believe in their office holders in governments at all levels, when there has been an epidemic of scandals and lies that seems never to stop? πŸ™

When again will we be able to imagine that those who represent us can be believed and respected and trusted to govern us? πŸ™

This is the question of 2010, but really of any year, and is troubling for those who have children and want them to believe in the reliability and truthfulness of adults, not only politicians, but also entertainers and sports figures, who constantly set a bad example for the future generation! πŸ™

2 comments on “The Problem Of Trust : A Crisis In American Politics! :(

  1. flcertifiedteacher May 18, 2010 1:48 pm

    As you are a professor of American history concerned about the lack of trust People have in government, I thought you might enjoy reading my new parody blog about a SW FL public school district that hired two high school drop outs (retired military) as their superintendent and chief deputy.

    Here is my new parody blog on this matter (ad-free):

  2. Jonathan May 18, 2010 9:33 pm

    It is a troubling issue in this nation. More and more Americans are feeling alienated and the recent scandals do not help the situation. We hold elected officials to a higher standard and many have failed to live up to those expectations. Hopefully the midterm elections will bring more characters of substance and committment to the change Obama campaigned for. On the other end, there are great leaders and public officials out there, but the media covers the scandals more than the accomplishments because it attracts more viewers.

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