Day: May 12, 2010

The Need For Ethnic Studies Courses As Electives In Schools!

Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has just signed a bill that bans ethnic studies classes in public schools and charter schools, with specific attention being paid to the Tucson public schools, which have a Chicano Studies course, that many claim has promoted discontent and anger among students who have taken the course.

The law actually bans ANY ethnic studies courses, meaning including African American, Asian American, Native American–and by extension–Jewish and Women and Gay Studies courses, which would also be covered under the ban by extension! ๐Ÿ™

If all of the above groups were covered fairly and comprehensively in American History courses below the college level, then one could possibly understand the reasoning behind the legislation, although it is still censorship!

But as it is, the public school curriculum around the nation lacks the ability to even cover the basic facts and concepts of American history! It is, therefore, outrageous to promote the banning of coverage of the various groups in American society who have been denied equality and justice throughout most of the nation’s history!

This is clearly a right wing attempt to promote distortion, and it now makes Arizona similar to Texas, where the entire history curriculum is being politicized and distorted to teach a conservative oriented, narrow minded view of our national history!

The biggest loser in both Texas and Arizona are Mexican Americans and other Latinos, and yet, as stated many times, the future of the nation is the reality that people of Spanish descent will become, more and more, the largest minority group in America, as in fact, they already are!

Of all ethnic groups that have made up the American nation, only those of German ethnicity have rivaled the numbers who are of Mexican heritage. So the future is here, and the nation needs to learn to deal with it! People of Latino heritage, whether Mexican or other Spanish speaking nations, will not sit back and allow continued discrimination and denial of their history!

All that this outrageous legislation does is promote racism, hatred, and ignorance! It must be appealed by law suits, and Arizona should be ashamed of itself, as it continues down the road of being the inheritor of the racism of Mississippi and Alabama in the 1960s!

In the present, it represents more a state, such as South Carolina or Texas, in its disgraceful state government actions! This demonstrates the danger of states rights, which many conservatives still claim to be existent, although in reality states rights as a legitimate concept was settled by the Civil War, like it or not! ๐Ÿ™

Republican Congressional Candidate Proposes “Hunting Liberals”! :(

A Republican candidate for a Congressional seat in the San Francisco Bay area of California has published a statement on his website promoting an “open season” on “hunting liberals” between now and Election Day, November 2!

This man is named Brad Goehring, of all names! LOL The similarity to Nazi leader Herman Goering is stark! ๐Ÿ™‚

He said on his Facebook site that his purpose was to “thin the herd” of liberals and he had no limit on taking them out, which sounds like a veiled threat to promote assassination of liberal candidates and office holders!

Goehring said he was joking, but immediately took down the statement from his Facebook account. But this is not a joke, but rather is insanity and borders on seditious speech, which is not covered by the Constitution! ๐Ÿ™

When a candidate proposes violence by implication, if not direct statement, he only fosters the nuts out there to follow through on action! This is free speech gone amuck, and is unacceptable speech, and just apologizing is not enough, as the damage has been done!

The one thing that MUST be done is that the GOP repudiate this man, and knock him off the ballot as an unacceptable representative of their party! If they do not, it means they are endorsing him! ๐Ÿ™

Arizona And Utah: The Republicans Reject Both For The National Convention In 2012: Its Meaning

Arizona is rapidly becoming a pariah because of its passage of an illegal immigration law last month!

Now it has reverberated on Arizona, as the Republican National Committee chose Tampa over Phoenix and Salt Lake City as the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention!

The author predicted this a couple of months ago, as Arizona and Utah were guaranteed GOP states, so why hold the convention in either location? Florida made a lot more sense, as the state which has the most electoral votes of the three contending states, and a state in play in the upcoming Presidential election of 2012!

Now, however, with Arizona going “off the deep end” with several laws on guns, and now banning ethnic studies being taught in public schools, along with the illegal immigration law, and with economic boycotts developing that will certainly hurt a state already having foreclosure problems in housing, the Republicans had good reason to go to Tampa.

And Utah, with its anti democratic way of eliminating a sitting Senator in a convention, and not permitting Senator Bennett the option of being on the primary ballot so that the voters could ultimately decide his fate, also gains a bad name and reputation! Both states seem to have become the most right wing states outside of a few Southern states, and that is not meant to be a compliment! ๐Ÿ™

But ironically, Florida, the center of the contested 2000 Presidential election, will now host the convention, but the question arises whether the GOP will allow the sitting Governor Charlie Crist, who has just broken with the party and is running as an Independent, to show up at the convention to welcome the delegates, a normal routine for the Governor of any state!

So the Republicans have a very interesting situation caused by their final list of state candidates as hosts for their national convention! ๐Ÿ™‚