Day: May 5, 2010

Economic Boycott Of Arizona Justified! Human Rights Cannot Be Denied!

AN economic boycott of Arizona by cities, businesses, and individuals is justified to protest the outrageous, discriminatory law on illegal immigration that is scheduled to go into effect in three months!

Boycotts have worked in the past in the fight against segregation, and in the struggle for labor rights. It is essential that those who want Hispanics and Latinos, whether legal or illegal, to be treated with the same dignity that all Americans have a right to expect from their government, take part in this boycott. This means individuals who planned to vacation in Arizona need to cancel their plans in protest over what Arizona’s state government is perpetrating!

In the past, Arizona lost the Super Bowl because of refusal at the time to acknowledge a Martin Luther King holiday. Therefore, it is now appropriate for Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All Star Game, scheduled in Phoenix, elsewhere, particularly with about 30 percent of baseball players coming from Latin American heritage!

It may be true that illegal immigration is a major problem that needs to be addressed by the national government, but we must not see 12 million people as criminals and drug dealers! Small percentages of people coming from Latin America are involved in criminal activities, and that we must crack down upon with vigor! But there is no way to deport those who obey the law now, pay their taxes, work very hard, and just want the opportunity for the American dream! Tolerance and acceptance are the only answer, but with strict requirements that recognize these people can contribute to our society’s future after meeting their responsibilities and moving toward citizenship!

Even if, as shown in a new poll, a majority of Americans support the Arizona law, it cannot be accepted as legitimate, as it does not mean that what is popular is always right! Over the years, there were certainly many Americans who had no problem with racial segregation, but that was still not right and appropriate. Basic human rights are not based on popularity, but on ethics and morality! This is a question of civil rights, and racial profiling is unacceptable!