Brad Goehring

Republican Congressional Candidate Proposes “Hunting Liberals”! :(

A Republican candidate for a Congressional seat in the San Francisco Bay area of California has published a statement on his website promoting an “open season” on “hunting liberals” between now and Election Day, November 2!

This man is named Brad Goehring, of all names! LOL The similarity to Nazi leader Herman Goering is stark! 🙂

He said on his Facebook site that his purpose was to “thin the herd” of liberals and he had no limit on taking them out, which sounds like a veiled threat to promote assassination of liberal candidates and office holders!

Goehring said he was joking, but immediately took down the statement from his Facebook account. But this is not a joke, but rather is insanity and borders on seditious speech, which is not covered by the Constitution! 🙁

When a candidate proposes violence by implication, if not direct statement, he only fosters the nuts out there to follow through on action! This is free speech gone amuck, and is unacceptable speech, and just apologizing is not enough, as the damage has been done!

The one thing that MUST be done is that the GOP repudiate this man, and knock him off the ballot as an unacceptable representative of their party! If they do not, it means they are endorsing him! 🙁