Dan Rather Reaches Age 89, Still Fully Productive After First Recognition At Time Of JFK Assassination In 1963

Today marks the 89th birthday of a true journalistic treasure, Dan Rather, who has spent 70 years in the field of journalism, and is best remembered and recalled as the anchor of the CBS Evening News from 1981-2005.

Rather first became noticed when he was reporting in Dallas, Texas, at the time of the John F. Kennedy Assassination on November 22, 1963, and he also served in Vietnam as a war correspondent in the mid to late 1960s.

He had brushes of conflict with President Richard Nixon, when Rather was CBS White House Correspondent in the 1970s, and also with Vice President George H. W. Bush when he was running for President in 1988.

He never backed off from any confrontation, and when he reported on President George W. Bush’s absence from the National Guard when he was supposed to be on duty, during the Presidential campaign of 2004, it led to CBS firing him, but Rather being totally correct in the exposure of the lies of Bush.

Rather continues to be outspoken on Twitter, and on YouTube and he looks hale and hearty and still very young in appearance as he nears 90 next year.

This author and blogger has always admired Rather greatly, and is glad to see he is in the fray on Donald Trump and the Presidential Election of 2020, so let us all hope for many more years of contributions and good health from a great anchor over 24 years, but still active at a ripe old age!

Jimmy Carter Grandson Gets Revenge On Mitt Romney: Uncovering Romney’s “47 Percent” Speech!

It is ironic that the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, James Carter IV, was the person who uncovered the private comments of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the infamous “47 Percent” speech, which he gave at a donor’s home in Boca Raton, Florida, not knowing that probably it was a servant at the gathering who taped it on his cell phone.

Mitt Romney has been merciless in his constant ridicule and attacks on former President Carter, adding to the mythology that because Carter lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980, therefore he was a terrible President, overlooking his many contributions and accomplishments in the White House.

One would think with Carter about to reach the age of 88 on October 1, that the Republican Party would stop attacking him, as he has been out of office now longer than any President in American history, surpassing Herbert Hoover in longevity earlier this month, and therefore, deserving of some respect, and the end of using him as an attack on Barack Obama.

So one cannot help but smile that Carter’s grandson has helped to undermine Romney by his revelation of the informal comments at the gathering in Boca Raton, found on YouTube through hard work and investigation by the namesake of the former President!