James Carter IV

Jimmy Carter Grandson Gets Revenge On Mitt Romney: Uncovering Romney’s “47 Percent” Speech!

It is ironic that the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, James Carter IV, was the person who uncovered the private comments of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the infamous “47 Percent” speech, which he gave at a donor’s home in Boca Raton, Florida, not knowing that probably it was a servant at the gathering who taped it on his cell phone.

Mitt Romney has been merciless in his constant ridicule and attacks on former President Carter, adding to the mythology that because Carter lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980, therefore he was a terrible President, overlooking his many contributions and accomplishments in the White House.

One would think with Carter about to reach the age of 88 on October 1, that the Republican Party would stop attacking him, as he has been out of office now longer than any President in American history, surpassing Herbert Hoover in longevity earlier this month, and therefore, deserving of some respect, and the end of using him as an attack on Barack Obama.

So one cannot help but smile that Carter’s grandson has helped to undermine Romney by his revelation of the informal comments at the gathering in Boca Raton, found on YouTube through hard work and investigation by the namesake of the former President!