Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit: Inadequate Preparation And Unlikely Success

Donald Trump, after canceling the proposed summit with Kim Jong Un, has reversed course, and has decided to go ahead with the meeting on June 12.

Many observers and experts feel this is a mistake, as it is clear that Donald Trump has inadequate preparation, and faces unlikely success.

North Korea has a history of misleading and lying on agreements, and Donald Trump is too subject to flattery and vanity, and it is feared that he will be taken advantage of by a wily, smarter Kim Jong Un, who wants to add to his stature on the world stage, but has no intention of giving up nuclear weapons.

The idea that Trump allowed the number two figure in North Korea, the spy chief responsible for so much harm over a long period of years, to spend two hours in the Oval Office alone with the President, except for translators, and with no advisers or Cabinet members, is shocking, as who knows what was discussed.

This follows the unwise decision of Trump to allow top Russian figures in the Oval Office last year the day after he fired FBI Head James Comey, for investigating Russian Collusion.

No such private Oval Office meetings have ever happened before under any President of the United States.

We do know that Trump said he did not bring up the horrible violation of human rights in North Korea, the most backward and totalitarian nation in the entire world.

It is not that bringing up human rights will bring change, but for an American President to avoid the topic completely, not care about the people of the nation who live under such dire oppression, is so disturbing.

But then, Trump has a history of courting dictators, including Vladimir Putin of Russia, and the leaders of China, the Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates,and others, while being highly critical of our democratic allies in Europe, Asia and the Pacific, as well as Canada and Mexico. He prefers autocracy to republican democracy or parliamentary democracy as a form of government, and has wished he could be President for life as is now the situation in China.

Donald Trump’s ignorance of history and facts puts America and its national security in a very dangerous position, and now there is news that Trump plans a summit with Putin, shortly after the North Korea summit.

We could be in the most dangerous situation diplomatically in decades, due to the willingness of Trump to forge ahead against the advice of diplomats and his own advisers.

Donald Trump Not Only Manipulated By Russia, But Also By Other Foreign Nations, And It Undermines America

Donald Trump is clearly not very bright, and does not understand how other nations’s leaders have figured out how to humor and flatter him to get their way, and appeal to his vanity and narcissism.

It is not just Russia and Vladimir Putin.

It is China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. Qatar. the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the Philippines, and India.

These nations, with the exception of Israel, and India, are all authoritarian dictatorship, who stroke Trump’s ego, and show him on the surface respect and adulation, when he visits, particularly evident in China and Saudi Arabia. And they make deals that benefit their nations, without Trump realizing the United States has been taken advantage of in a major way.

Trump is more interested in business and real estate dealings than protecting the national interest and security, which explains his erratic, often contradictory behavior, and constant change of mind.

But meanwhile, he has created frustration among our allies which are democracies, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

The Unbelievable Narcissism And Egotism Of Four Republican Presidential Candidates!

For anyone to decide to run for President of the United States, it requires a high level of narcissism and egotism! There is no debate about that at all!

But when you have four Presidential candidates out of eight on the GOP side having obsessively high levels of narcissism and egotism despite good reasons to consider the effect of what they are doing, it makes one want to puke!

Rick Santorum has a critically ill daughter, dying from a genetic disease. His wife desperately needs him to help her, and he should be spending his time, since he does not need to work, tending to his daughter, showing his love for her, and do whatever he can to alleviate the stress on his wife and other children, some of whom wish he was not running. His narcissism and egotism allow him to ignore or excuse his reprehensible behavior!

Rick Perry has demonstrated that he has no knowledge, no understanding of what the Presidency involves, but because he has money, and a tremendous level of narcissism and egotism, he is willing to make a fool of himself and make us all “shake our heads” in disgust!

Herman Cain also lacks knowledge and understanding of really ANY issue, is totally unqualified to be President, and has the gall, due to his high level of narcissism and egotism, to run a campaign on a lie, that he is loyal to his wife, who has, apparently, no clue to the fact of his adultery and infidelity! One would think that he would realize that he would be found out, and then he has the nerve to lie through his teeth and deny it all! Absolutely amazing!

And then, there is Newt Gingrich, the most qualified on paper of the four supreme narcissistic and egotistical candidates in this group, but has no shame about his past adultery and infidelity; has had ethicai violations when Speaker of the House; loves himself to the extreme and cannot stop bragging about his abilities, talents, knowledge, and connections; and does not work well with others, and has a divisive, confrontational, aggressive personality that bodes ill for working with Congress, being willing to deal with the news media, and is a terrifying thought in foreign policy! But Newt has no shame and makes a total fool of himself by his vanity and lack of modesty!

Why is it that we cannot have the Republican Party come up with quality candidates–as only Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are–and get rid of the others who are wasting their and our time, and putting their obnoxious egos on display, and showing a level of selfishness and greed that is an embarrassment to our electoral system?

What we need is a serious debate between the only truly qualified candidates in the GOP field, Romney and Huntsman, but we cannot do that as long these four characters, along with Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, who because of their own weaknesses, have a ZERO chance of being nominated, finally get out of the race, which, sadly, is not going to happen anytime soon!