US Senate Elections 2022

The US Senate Hits The 2,000 Mark After 234 Years, With 8 New Senators!

With the Senate retirements and elections of 2022 now part of history, the US Senate has finally hit the 2,000 mark of membership after 234 years of history since 1789.

There are 2,002 people who have served in the Senate, most by election, but some by appointment, with 202 appointed to fill a vacancy since 1913, with the ratification of the 17th Amendment, providing for direct popular election of the US Senate.

Eleven of the present membership of the Senate was originally appointed to fill a vacancy, but have won election to the office since then.

The 8 new Senators are:

Katie Britt (R) Alabama
Ted Budd (R) North Carolina
John Fetterman (D) Pennsylvania
Markwayne Mullin (R) Oklahoma
Eric Schmitt (R) Missouri
J D Vance (R) Ohio
Peter Welch (D) Vermont

All of the above were sworn in opening day of the 118th Congress, January 3, 2023.

Additionally, former Governor Pete Ricketts (R) Nebraska, appointed to replace Senator Ben Sasse, who resigned to become President of the University of Florida, will be sworn in on January 23, 2023 as number 2,002!

Ricketts is part of the family that owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team since 2009!

Potential For Democrats To Gain Multiple Senate Seats In Midterm Elections Of 2022

The potential now exists for the Democrats to gain multiple Senate seats in the Midterm Elections of 2022!

With six Republicans Senators retiring, at least three of those seats could go to the Democrats, along with three Republican Senators running for reelection having troubles in their reelection campaigns.

Pennsylvania with John Fetterman; Ohio with Tim Ryan; and North Carolina with Cheri Beasley, all have a good shot to win what have been Republican seats.

Additionally, Florida with Val Demings and Wisconsin with Mandela Barnes could see the defeat of Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson. And the longest serving Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley, running at age 89 for another six year term, also has a tough race from retired Admiral Michael Franken that should not be ignored.

Four Democratic Senators have major challenges to keep their seats—Mark Kelly in Arizona; Raphael Warnock in Georgia; Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada; and Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire.

Also, Mike Lee in Utah has a strong independent, Evan McMullin, trying to defeat this loyal Trumpite, and Democrats are backing him.

Rand Paul in Kentucky has a strong African American opponent in Democrat Charles Booker, and the defeat of Paul would be welcome, but unexpected.

In Missouri, Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine will try to stop Republican Eric Schmitt, another tough race without an incumbent, but Schmitt favored to win.

The possibility of up to a 4-5 seat gain for Democrats is in the cards, if the present trend in polls continues!

Joe Manchin Has Destroyed Any Chance Of Joe Biden Adding Accomplishments Before Midterms!

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has, singlehandedly, destroyed any chance of President Biden being able to add accomplishments to his record after 18 months, with the Midterm Elections of 2022 on the horizon.

He has acted in bad faith with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as the Biden Administration, and one wonders why he is assisting Republicans while remaining a Democrat.

This is the ultimate crisis of the Biden Presidency, being held hostage by Manchin and by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, both clearly more “Republicrats”, rather than Democrats.

It is now clear that the Senate elections of 2022 will determine if there is any chance of Joe Biden accomplishing more in his term!

Oh, for the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson!

Horrendous Trump Endorsed Nominees For Senate: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio

Donald Trump has been endorsing Senate nominees, trying to have an impact on the upcoming Senate races, with the US Senate presently evenly divided 50-50.

With this unusual tie situation, even one Democratic seat switching with Trump support would put the Senate into Republican hands, and the horrors of Mitch McConnell again becoming Senate Majority Leader.

Trump has chosen horrendous nominees, as in Pennsylvania with Dr. Mehmet Oz; in Georgia with former football player Herschel Walker; and in Ohio with author JD Vance.

All three are lacking in decent credentials, and all three would be an embarrassment if elected to the US Senate.

Democrats need to work hard to defeat these three nominees, and keep the Georgia seat, and gain the Pennsylvania and Ohio seats.

Georgia has the Reverend Raphael Warnock trying to keep his seat; while in Pennsylvania, there are three contending Democrats running for the open seat; and in Ohio, Congressman Tim Ryan is the favored Democrat.

The US Senate Majority Is Up For Grabs In 2022!

The US Senate has had 1,994 members since 1789, and there have been great Senators, mediocre Senators, and wretched, horrible Senators.

One third of the US Senate comes up for election in every even numbered year, so the entire Senate is elected over a six year period.

Right now, 20 Republican seats are up for 2022, compared to 14 Democratic seats.

With a 50-50 Senate, only the fourth time in history that the Senate has been evenly divided, after 1881-1883, 1953-1955, and 2001-2003, it is a crucial time for both parties, wishing to gain a majority of the Senate.

Five Republicans are retiring—Richard Shelby of Alabama; Roy Blunt of Missouri; Richard Burr of North Carolina; Rob Portman of Ohio; and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Three Republicans have not announced if they will run for reelection in 2022–Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; Ron Johnson of Wisconsin; and John Thune of South Dakota.

Only one Democrat, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, has not yet announced if he will run for reelection in 2022.

Twelve Republican Senators are running for reelection, as compared to 13 Democratic Senators.

The big goals for Democrats is to defeat the following five Republicans:

Marco Rubio of Florida
Rand Paul of Kentucky
Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, if he runs
Chuck Grassley of Iowa
Mike Lee of Utah

Also, the hope is that Democrats can win the seats of retiring Senators as follows:

Roy Blunt of Missouri
Richard Burr of North Carolina
Rob Portman of Ohio
Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

So now a year before the elections, there is the theoretical possibility of the Democrats gaining up to nine seats, but truly, that is being highly idealistic, and unlikely to occur.

It all comes down to what Democratic seats are in danger, which would seem to include the following:

Mark Kelly of Arizona
Raphael Warnock of Georgia
Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada
Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire

So the odds are in favor of the Democrats in theory, having a chance in nine states, while the Republicans have a chance in four states.