Televising Of Trump Trials

Donald Trump Likely To Be Convicted On Some Of 91 Charges Over 4 Indictments!

When one looks at facts, realities, and evidence, the odds are very good that Donald Trump will eventually be convicted on some of the 91 charges brought against him under 4 indictments.

There is so much evidence that is clearcut, and Trump has “put his foot in his mouth” in a symbolic sense so often, that to believe that there will not be a jury of 12 people in one or more of the four indictments, who will convict him on one or more charges, is to live in an alternate universe of one’s own making.

It is true that as long as just one juror in each of the four cases votes not to convict, that Trump could be saved from conviction, but again, that is such a long shot, that it would seem to anyone who believes in reality that Trump WILL be convicted!

Also, some of the people charged in at least the Georgia case are bound to “flip”, and that will help to promote conviction of Trump on at least some of the charges against him.

But since so many charges are closely related, it is highly likely that Trump will be convicted on a majority of the charges brought against him!

It is essential that the American people be able to see the federal trial, as well as the state of Georgia trial, as then there will be no way for conspiracy theorists to deny reality, when it is on display in the courtroom!