Super Wealthy

Super Wealthy Put Low Personal Taxes Ahead Of Nation’s Welfare

The super wealthy in America are proving that only their money and fortune matter, not the nation’s welfare!

Many of the super wealthy turned against Donald Trump after January 6, 2021, but now are finding excuses to support him, primarily to avoid higher taxation, as if they are going to take their super fortunes to the grave with them, or simply want to spoil their children with lack of motivation to have to accomplish in their own lives, without “Daddy’s” fortune!

The fact that the super wealthy gained massive tax cuts three times, under Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and then Donald Trump is not enough for this super wealthy class!

So they come up with excuses, such as the supposed poor mental state of Joe Biden, which is purely a myth, while anyone who pays attention can perceive that Donald Trump is in a much poorer mental state, clearly in dementia, and having proved it by his public appearances where he cannot even express himself in an intelligent manner!

The fact that Trump would bring into office evil people who would promote a Fascist dictatorship is of no concern, as long as these super wealthy do not have to pay taxes to help the nation and its population, that includes many who live in poverty and deprivation!

But these individuals think they are “good Christians” and “Good Jews”, and see themselves as “religious”, a total farce, clearly fake religiosity, as they clearly have no interest in anything outside their own selfish interests!

So the downfall of American democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law is secondary to their own greed and selfishness!

Joe Biden Planning Massive Support For Middle Class And Working Class At Expense Of Wealthy: Long Overdue!

President Joe Biden is planning a massive commitment of support for the struggling middle and working class, which have been overlooked much too often by Republican Presidents since Ronald Reagan.

Massive tax cuts under Reagan, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump have made the wealthy ever more obscenely wealthy, and it is time for them to show “patriotism” and give back some of their massive increase in wealth, which would actually have very little effect on their “bottom line”, as taking some wealth will not prevent the gaining of new wealth, as the rich never end up in financial difficulties.

But they owe their success to unfair advantages over the past 40 years, and it is time for paying up for the massive infusion of wealth by paying a small percentage of their wealth to support equity and fairness to the heart of the economy—-the middle and working class Americans who have done without much or any improvement in their economic status since 1981!

The sudden massive increase in wealth by the super wealthy in the past year of COVID 19 makes clear the need for taxing these multi billionaires, and it should not be opposed by any of them who have a decent bone in their bodies, and if they do not, tough, and time for paying up!

The Survival Of America As We Know It Depends On A Massive “Blue Wave” This November!

Donald Trump has thrown down the gauntlet, in informing Congressional Republicans that they should abandon any legislation on immigration until after the “Red Wave” he predicts is coming in the midterm elections of 2018 this November.

God forbid any such “Red Wave”, which would defy history, as the record shows the party in the White House always loses seats in the first midterm election after a President has been inaugurated, with the one major exception being FDR and the Democrats in 1934, but Donald Trump is no FDR!

If people stay home and do not vote, or if people continue to believe the lies of Donald Trump and the Republicans, then we as a nation, not those of us who care, but everyone else, will get what they deserve–a return to the 19th century Gilded Age before federal government played a role in the lives of the American people.

It will mean the end of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, labor laws, environmental legislation, consumer protections. civil rights for minorities, women, gays and lesbians, and the disabled, and the loss of the Bill of Rights.

We will live in a nation controlled by the super wealthy in every sense, and we will be influenced by autocrats in Russia and other totalitarian dictatorships, and we will be threatened by the loss of our traditional foreign allies, and we will face dire poverty after a Great Depression that would make the 1930s depression look like a minor event.

Some reading this might think I am using hyperbole, but seriously, even if one thinks they have heard this before, the reality is as follows: There is no more crucial election for the long term future of our nation than this midterm election.

The Democrats are far from perfect but even many conservative commentators, such as Jennifer Rubin, George Will, David Frum, Bret Stephens, Steve Schmidt, among others, have repudiated the Republican Party and Donald Trump, and warn us of the need to kick the Republicans out of control of both houses of Congress, and many state governorships and legislatures.

Donald Trump is the most dangerous person in American history, and the process to start taking away his destructive influence is NOT to say it is hopeless, and why bother voting?

It is, rather, that if we do not fight for our future, then there is no future!

The Ultimate Reason Why The Republican Party Will NOT Win The White House In 2012: Their Promotion Of Nativism, Prejudice, Bias, Fear, And The Interests Of The Super Wealthy!

When all is said and done, the Republican Party will NOT win the White House in 2012, no matter what the economic situation is next year, because of their promotion of nativism, prejudice, bias, fear, and the interests of the Super Wealthy!

The Republican Party promotes nativism against Hispanic and Latino immigrants with their advocacy of deporting 12 million undocumented immigrants, almost all law abiding, tax paying, and living here for many years, who just want the “American Dream”, and are willing to work hard.

The Republican Party advocates prejudice against gay people by advocating against gay rights, gay marriage, and gay parenting, due to their slavish connection to religious influence in government.

The Republican Party supports bias against women by denying them their human rights, including the decision when and how they can have children.

The Republican Party promotes fear of all people of Islamic heritage by their depiction of all people from that religious heritage as being potential terrorists.

The Republican Party supports the interests of the super wealthy by refusal to consider any tax increases on the top two percent, who have seen their wealth multiply in recent years, while everyone else saw their income stagnate or decline. They will do anything to support the rich and the corporations.

Has a political party ever won the White House with promotion of nativism, prejudice, bias, fear, and the interests of the wealthy? The answer is NO, with the borderline closest cases being Richard Nixon in 1968 and George W. Bush in 2004, but even they did not advocate these ugly concepts on the level of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in the campaign now being waged!

Notice that the only GOP candidate who has NOT promoted the above ideas is Jon Huntsman, by far the best and ONLY decent choice they offer the voters in 2012. Again, IF Huntsman were the nominee, it would be the most legitimate and closest race for the Presidency, but apparently, very unlikely to happen, as the author writes.

Student Loan Forgiveness As Method To Revive The American Economy!

A proposal by to have the federal government pass legislation promoting student loan forgiveness as a method to revive the American economy is a great idea that needs to be strongly considered and acted upon!

We have millions of American students who have been saddled with thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands in debt, in the pursuit of their education to acquire a bachelors degree, a masters degree, a doctoral degree, a medical, law or dental or other professional degree.

The advancement of these young people toward their educational accomplishments is not just good for them as individuals, but for the entire nation, as we NEED more educated people, and more professionals in all fields!

But by burdening them with onerous debt that many cannot pay, or cause them to struggle to survive economically, we undermine the growth of the economy, as this makes it difficult for these students to buy homes and cars, spend money on consumer goods, and generally to add to the economy because of the heavy debt payments, which only enrich greedy financial institutions who have no concern about the “slavery” they are imposing on the future generations!

There is no better cause than to liberate the future generations, and allow them to contribute positively to the economy of the future!

So instead of having millionaires and billionaires continue to acquire wealth and not give a damn about their country, let’s invest in the young, the future, and do what other countries do–fund education beyond high schools, see education as the most important job of government along with health care, and in so doing, revive the American Dream that we hear so much about, but do not do anything to advance!

Shanksville, Pennsylvania Flight 93 Memorial Dedication Very Moving!

The dedication of the Shanksville, Pennsylvania Flight 93 Memorial in honor of the courage and selflessness of the 40 passengers and crew which, by bringing the plane down on September 11, 2001, prevented an attack on the US Capitol or the White House, only about 40 miles away, just finished, and it was a very moving ceremony!

Highlighted by well crafted speeches by President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, and Vice President Joe BIden, the memorial was unveiled to show forty wall panels, each with the name of one of the heroes of that flight, who gave up their lives for their country!

Eventually, there will be orchards of trees, forty in number surrounding the memorial, but it still needs $10 million to complete. 75,000 people have donated to the project, and 1.5 million have visited the location in the past ten years.

Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House John Boehner have joined forces to raise the $10 million still needed, and this is the time for the extremely wealthy among us to give back some of the unwarranted wealth they have been able to retain, since they did not sacrifice in tax increases over the past ten years, so it is time for them to “cough up” and show their patriotism to the country that has given them the opportunity to become super wealthy!