Presidential Executive Orders

An Emotional Day, As Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Win The Election, And Give Historic Speeches!

Saturday, November 7, 2020, has been an extremely emotional day, as the nation and the world witnessed the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the Presidential Election of 2020, after four long days of vote counting.

It was followed by historic speeches by the future President and Vice President of the United States, restoring our hope, and giving us inspiration for the future, that the nightmare of Donald Trump will, to a great extent, be overcome by executive orders initiated by President Biden on January 20 and in future days and weeks on so many issues, both in domestic and foreign policy.

The return of sanity, decency, morals, ethics, compassion, and of character, with these two wonderful public servants, revives the greatness of past leaders who came to the rescue in times of crisis, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on the road to joining the annals of American leaders who work toward making “a more perfect Union”!

It is nice after four years of gloom and doom, and of horrors and stresses, that finally, we are being liberated, with the first step being the formation on Monday of a committee of doctors and scientists by President Elect Biden to come up with plans to resolve the crisis over the COVID 19 Pandemic, which is escalating to an all time high of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths!

The Truth About Presidential Executive Orders From 1893-2013

New statistics have emerged regarding the use of Presidential executive orders, now being hotly contested because President Barack Obama is issuing 23 such orders on gun regulation, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

All Presidents from Grover Cleveland’s second term through Obama’s first term are covered in assessing how much these Presidents utilized executive orders. Thanks to New York Magazine for these statistics.

So for conservatives and Republicans, they can be excited to point out that Franklin D. Roosevelt, who they hate, issued, by far, the most executive orders. But of course, FDR presided during the Great Depression and World War II, the greatest crises since the Civil War, and, of course, FDR also served three complete terms and started a fourth before dying in office.

But after FDR, one discovers that Herbert Hoover was a close second in the four years of his term, having to deal with the Great Depression erupting in his first year in office. Of course, some conservatives think of Hoover as a progressive, but that is a major misunderstanding in fact!

Woodrow Wilson comes a close third, and this makes conservatives feel justified that it is Democrats, such as FDR and Wilson, who are the biggest “villains” on executive orders.

But then, how does one explain that below Wilson are Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge, not much behind Wilson, but adored by conservatives? And next is William Howard Taft, considered a conservative when Chief Justice of the Supreme Court a decade after his Presidency. These three Presidents are Republicans, imagine that!

The list continues in order as follows:

Theodore Roosevelt
Harry Truman
Jimmy Carter
John F. Kennedy
Gerald Ford
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard Nixon
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
George H. W. Bush
William McKinley
George W. Bush
Barack Obama
Grover Cleveland

Hey, wait a minute here! Obama is next to last of these 21 Presidents? How is that possible, after the rhetoric employed by Republicans such as Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky? Could it be that Paul does not know the facts, and does not know history very well? You know the answer!

And executive orders have become quite rare after Truman, so were most utilized by the eight Presidents from TR through Truman.

In other words, Barack Obama has NOT abused the executive orders authority, and has hardly used it, and Republicans TR, Taft, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover all used it an amazing amount of times!

But do conservatives really care to know the truth? Again, the answer is obvious!