An Outrage And Dangerous Concept For Jewish Newspaper Publisher To Even Suggest Obama Assassination!

It is absolutely shocking and reckless that the publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times suggested that Israel’s Secret Service, the Mossad, assassinate President Obama, because of the belief that Obama is out to harm Israel’s security.

According to Andrew Adler, Israel needed to strike against terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, attack Iran, and assassinate Obama, to insure the safety of Israel.

While backing away from his statement, which many Jewish leaders denounced, it still should lead to a Secret Service investigation against Adler, for advocating violence against our government and President.

And just imagine the horror if such an event were to occur, whether successful or not. It would lead to a national revulsion against the state of Israel, including calling for removal of all foreign aid to that nation; the end of the US-Israeli military alliance; the condemnation by millions of Americans of Israel as a terrorist nation; and the end, forever, of any possibility of the two nations ever working in support of their common goals in the Middle East. It would transform the Middle East and the geopolitical scene in a very destructive manner!