Middle Class Tax Cut

Obama Strategies To Win Reelection In 2012: Alternative Routes To Victory

Barack Obama seems extremely likely to win the entire Northeast from Maine to Maryland and Washington, DC in 2012, with possibly New Hampshire and Pennsylvania as exceptions. So that would be 112 electoral votes, or without Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, 88 electoral votes.

He is expected also to win the Pacific Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington as well, which would mean 74 electoral votes.

In the Midwest, Illinois is a certainty, and the upper Midwest seems strongly Democratic too, including Michigan, WIsconsin, and Minnesota, which means these four states are together a total of 56 electoral votes.

So far, that adds up to 218 electoral votes, without New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, and with them, it is 242, 28 short of the number needed, 270 electoral votes, to win the Presidency.

So what is needed to guarantee an Obama victory?

1, The state of Florida with 29 electoral votes would put Obama over the top with all of the above states, and add Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado, all with growing Hispanic and Latino populations, and supportive of Obama the last time, and you get 26 electoral votes, to replace a possible loss of New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

2. Another scenario is to win Ohio and Missouri, the two states most representative of the winning Presidential candidates, with Ohio being with the GOP nominee every time he has won in US History, and Missouri wrong only twice on the Presidential winner since 1900–1956 and 2008–with their combined 28 replacing Florida or Iowa and the three Southwestern states.

3. Another strategy is to try to win in Georgia and Arizona, along with Missouri, three states won by John McCain in 2008, but all susceptible to moving to Obama with growing Hispanic and Latino populations. This way one gains 37 electoral votes, replacing either Florida OR Iowa and the three Southwestern states.

4. Also, if Obama wins Virginia and North Carolina, he wins 28 electoral votes and does not need Florida, OR Ohio and Missouri, OR Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado!

The point is that Obama has many scenarios to win, and it is very hard to imagine that all of the above combinations of states will go to a Republican party as right wing and divided as it now is, demonstrated even more by the debacle over the middle class tax cut continuation, leading to a split between Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

So Obama supporters need to work hard, but the future looks bright!

The Absolutely Worst Congress In Modern American History: The 112th Congress, First Session!

The first session of the 112th Congress stands out only negatively: as the Congress which did nothing to unite the American people, solve problems, promote cooperation with the President; or avoid crises. Instead, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives under Speaker of the House John Boehner was unable to work to create jobs or show willingness to cooperate at all with the President.

Meanwhile, the Senate, technically under Democratic control, had its 47 Republican member minority abuse the filibuster and even utilize the threat to use it, so as to make it impossible to accomplish any legislation, or any cooperation with the White House.

Only when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky realized that his party was looking badly on the middle class tax cut continuation issue did he take action to force the Republican majority in the House to give in and prevent a tax increase, which would have been political suicide.

The Tea Party Caucus of about 80 members promoted destructive behavior and an anti government anarchism that is totally terrifying.

Only if McConnell and Boehner decide to fight letting one third of their caucus to continue their “blackmail” over the leadership of their party in both houses of Congress, will they get elected to a majority in the Congressional Elections of 2012. To expect any action of positive nature from the 112th Congress is a dream not to be fulfilled as things stand right now.

It is odd that the disaster of the 112th Congress comes after the very successful 111th Congress, the best since the 89th Congress of 1965-1966!

House Republican Standoff Against Bipartisan Senate Vote May Hurt Senate Majority Chances Of Republicans In 2012!

The refusal of the House Republicans, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner, to vote on the bipartisan Senate vote of 89-10 extending unemployment compensation, the middle class tax cut, and delay in cutting Medicare payments to doctors, is likely to boomerang on the party, not only in House elections in 2012, but also Senate Republicans facing tough reelection contests.

That explains why Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, soon to be opposed by Elizabeth Warren in a tough race in which Warren is leading in public opinion polls, denounced House Republicans for their reckless, outrageous action.

Similar outrage and anger has also been expressed by Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, and Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, all of whom face tough reelection challenges.

If these seats are not retained, the odds of a Senate Republican majority in 2012 is far less likely to occur.

So the Republicans are in the process of likely slaughtering themselves, and coming across as unconcerned about 160 million Americans, and that will be paid back by middle class voters when the vote comes for Congress and the President ten and a half months from now!

The Republicans Are Self Destructing Before Our Eyes, And The American People See It Clearly!

The Republican Party is self destructing before our eyes, as House Republicans led by the “Young Turks”–House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin–and supported by the 80 Tea Party Caucus members—are tying the hands of Speaker John Boehner, and making him look foolish!

Boehner had said an agreement of Senate Republicans led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, and backed 89-11 in a bipartisan vote, allowing a temporary two month extension of unemployment compensation, the continuation of the middle class tax cut, and delay of cuts to Medicare doctors, was acceptable, with further action in January. But then, under pressure from the leaders mentioned above, he backtracked, and has brought about a situation where the continuation of the policies mentioned will be prevented, as the New Year comes on!

It is clear to anyone who watches what is going on, that Cantor, McCarthy, and Ryan are working together with the Tea Party supporters to paralyze the legislative process, and that their aim, ultimately, is not just to defeat Barack Obama for the Presidency in 2012, but also to remove John Boehner from the Speakership.

And as this goes on, a CNN poll shows Obama’s popularity has risen five points from 44 to 49 percent; the ratings of the Republicans have fallen six points from 49 to 43 percent; the Democrats ratings have stayed steadily at 55 percent; a majority now say they trust Obama more than the Congressional Republicans as compared to 44 percent before now; and dramatic gains among the middle class are being made by Obama, while Republicans continue to have the support of the wealthy.

So, Republicans, continue what you are doing and saying, and you are doomed to defeat in 2012 on all levels, as your arrogance and elitism are backfiring on your party!