Math Education

Florida Going Nuts Over “Critical Race Theory” In Math Textbooks! Absolute Looniness!

The state of Florida is becoming a nightmare, as Ron DeSantis is promoting the concept that “Critical Race Theory” is permeating, of all things, MATH textbooks!

Critical Race Theory is not taught in public schools, but DeSantis is determined that any concept of race in any curriculum must be banned, and it is not just Florida leading the fight for banning race, as if somehow, that would mean that children would not be exposed to the reality of race as a factor in American society and history!

This is exasperating, as to claim that math cen be hijacked, along with the entire school curriculum, is totally preposterous and outrageous!

As this author and blogger indicated yesterday, Ron DeSantis is out of control, acting like a Fascist dictator, including working to deny African Americans in Florida fair representation in Congress.

This man is more dangerous than even Donald Trump, as he is willing to stop at nothing to become the Republican Presidential nominee, including not standing aside if Donald Trump announces for President!

DeSantis has become a much younger Donald Trump in his manner, his arrogance, his biases, his agenda, his lack of any limitations on his lust for power, and he MUST be stopped!

Important Initiative On Science And Math Education By The Obama Administration

President Obama is to be applauded for promoting a joint public-private initiative on math and science education, which provides for $250 million to improve American students’ knowledge and interest in both areas, where the US ranks in the 20s worldwide, way behind many other nations.

The need for more math and science teachers is urgent, and the nation cannot advance if we do not have more young people go into both fields, both as teachers and as professionals.

Medicine, energy, and security are among the areas in which the country desperately needs more motivation and commitment if the nation is to face the challenges of the 21st century.