Mary Cheney

Bush, Cheney, And The Iraq War: A Total Waste!

The news that radical elements connected to Al Qaeda have seized and “liberated” Fallujah and Ramadi, two cities that so many of our Marines and other soldiers died for during the Iraq War, and that Iraq is back to the civil war that emerged after Saddam Hussein was overthrown, is enough to make one sick and disgusted, and to condemn the administration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, which took us into a war that was not ours to fight, and cost the loss of over 4,000 lives and over 30,000 wounded, many seriously!

This event, the return to instability of Iraq, in the midst of the Syrian Civil War, and the unrest in Lebanon, demonstrates that America has lost yet another war, after Vietnam, and is losing in Afghanistan.

Who benefits from this is the oil industry, and the defense industries, which enrich themselves on the corpses of dead Americans, as well as dead Iraqis and others in the Middle East.

It is clear that America cannot control what happens in the Middle East, and that the neoconservatives, who advocated engagement in Iraq, are the true traitors to the cause of what is best for America, and there is blood on their hands with the latest results of the failed war in Iraq!

And Dick Cheney is one of the biggest culprits, having enriched himself in the process, through his connections with Halliburton.

But now, thankfully, his disgraceful daughter, Liz Cheney, trying to be elected to the Senate from Wyoming, connected to the Tea Party Movement, and willing to throw her lesbian sister Mary Cheney under the bus, in her egotistical quest to become the female Dick Cheney, has bowed out of the race, well aware that she would be lucky to gain 25 percent of the vote in a primary against sitting Republican Senator Mike Enzi.

Good riddance to her and the theory of a Cheney dynasty, but so much damage has been done by Dick Cheney, who should be held accountable legally for his wrongdoings, but most certainly will avoid it, due to his massive connections to powerful interests!

The Military Industrial Complex, The Republican Party, And Hypocrisy!

The Republican Party has always been the major promoter of the Military Industrial Complex, condemned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his Farewell Address in 1961, but pursued and courted by Republican Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George Bush over the last 45 years of American history.

And Dick Cheney, Vice President under the second Bush, personifies the MIC perfectly!

But now we see Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney, who already has thrown her lesbian sister, Mary Cheney, “under the bus” to win bigot votes in Wyoming’s Senate primary, even opposing her own dad and mom on acceptance of gay marriage and their daughter, also coming out against Barack Obama conducting a military strike against Syria for its chemical warfare action against civilians on August 21!

Imagine a Cheney taking such a stand–unbelievable!

But it looks as if most Republicans will vote in Congress against such action, overlooking chemical warfare, which is banned by international treaty of 1925, taking place in Syria.

But then Ronald Reagan overlooked chemical warfare by Saddam Hussein in his nation of Iraq, and against Iran in the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. with the supplies sold for profit with the knowledge of the Reagan Administration!

So the GOP has shown evidence of not caring about war crimes now twice, by Iraq in the 1980s and Syria now!

The Republican Party, therefore, is hypocritical and morally bankrupt, while Barack Obama is principled and a believer in enforcing international law against war crimes!

So what the GOP is doing will undermine its future long term, and it makes one wish to vomit over the lack of principle and common decency in the party, once proud of Lincoln, TR, and Ike!

Children Of Republican Leaders And Gay Rights! Setting The Trend Of the Future!

The surprising news to many, and the shocking news to others, is that one of the twin daughters of President George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, has come out for gay marriage rights and has allowed herself to be part of a taped endorsement campaign for such rights in New York!

This development comes on the heels of Megan McCain, daughter of 2008 Presidential candidate and Senator John McCain of Arizona, also endorsing gay rights and marriage.

Additionally, the lesbian daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Mary Cheney, has also been a major figure in promoting the concept of gay marriage.

So a former President, a former Vice President, and a Presidential nominee have children who have come out for gay rights in the midst of right wing conservative Christian groups bitterly opposing any such concept, and boycotting the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference because a gay group has been invited to participate!

Realize also that former First Ladies Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush came out for abortion rights after their husbands left the Presidency, and that Laura Bush has already supported her daughter Barbara, before the fact, in an interview recently that included discussion of gay marriage and gay rights.

The fact that the family members of these top Republican leaders come out for the civil rights of women and gays makes one wonder if their husbands and fathers simply mouthed what they had to say to keep political backing when they were running for the Presidency, and the belief is that assumption is totally correct!

Every poll shows younger Americans have no problem with gay rights and gay marriage, and therefore, the Republican right wing is fighting a rear guard action that will, in the long run, isolate them, just as their vehement opposition to illegal immigrants gaining eventual rights of citizenship has alienated most Latinos and Hispanics from the party.

If the GOP allows the extreme right wing and Christian Right to control their destiny, they will see themselves disintegrate as a respectable and competitive political party for the long run of the American future!

Stop vilifying Latinos and Hispanics, and stop demonizing gays, or else you will be part of the dust bin of history! And keep religion out of government, where it belongs, as all that occurs when religion is allowed to control government decisions is the promotion of hate and intolerance, which ironically, Jesus Christ would not have approved were he here to observe what so called “devout” Christians claim are his teachings, a total distortion of his message of peace, love, and tolerance of others!