Heat Trapping Gas

The Historic Dust Storm Of 1934, And The Heat Trapping Gas Milestone Just Reached: An Environmental Crisis Has Begun!

79 years ago, the historic dust storm that swept across the Great Plains all the way east, marking the Dust Bowl beginnings that plagued the middle of the nation during the 1930s, occurred, and it is ironic that on this horrible anniversary, it has now been revealed that the heat trapping gas level that last existed three million years ago, has reoccurred!

We are now in the midst of a massive environmental crisis worldwide, and yet, our government has to fight the science and environmental deniers, including moronic Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who would rather threaten impeachment of President Obama than deal with the reality of the need to do something about the damage being done by our industries and mankind in general, to the future of human existence!

The carbon dioxide level is 41 percent higher since the Industrial Revolution. an alarming development. Of course, the US cannot solve the issue alone, and needs the backing of other nations, including China, but IF we are unwilling to do anything as the number one power in the world, then the future is gloomy indeed for the long range!