George LeMieux

Florida In Play For Democrats In 2012: A Shock To Republicans!

Florida has become in many ways the center of right wing conservatism, what with the election of Governor Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio, and Congressman Allen West in the midterm 2010 elections.

The state legislature is about three fourths Republican as well, and only six Democrats serve Florida in the House of Representatives.

No one is saying that the Democrats are about to take over state politics, as that will be a long haul, but public opinion polls show that Barack Obama leads both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in state polls about the Presidential election, and that Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has a big lead over Congressman Connie Mack IV, and that former appointed Senator George Lemieux is not even in the equation for the upcoming race.

The odds for Lois Frankel to overcome Adam Hasner for the Palm Beach County seat, that West held before he chose to move to a new congressional district in northern Palm Beach County and Martin and St. Lucie Counties, is seen as very good. And West is facing a major challenge in a young, charismatic CPA named Patrick Erin Murphy.

This is probably due to the improving economy, and the growing alienation nationwide of Independents, non Cuban Hispanics, and women to the GOP agenda.

Since Florida is the ultimate “swing state”, this might improve the possibility of Senator Rubio as the Vice Presidential running mate of Mitt Romney, even though Rubio keeps on saying that he has no interest, at age 41, rising to that level.

Florida will certainly be paid a lot of attention in this year’s political races!

Using The Power Of The Majority: Finally, The Democrats Are Taking Action On Important Legislation!

With less than seven weeks to the midterm elections, the Obama Administration is coming out swinging, ready to assert the power of the majority, something the Republicans know how to do when they are the majority!

With the threat that the Republicans might regain the majority, the Democrats are finally moving to take action that may not succeed, but will at least show their intentions!

A small business bill has made it through the Senate, with the help of two “Georges” who are not seeking reelection, and have broken with the Republican filibuster. Senator George Voinovich of Ohio and Senator George LeMieux of Florida broke the filibuster on the legislation, making it a 61-38 vote to pass the bill.

Meanwhile, a Pentagon appropriations bill next week will be the moment where the Democrats in the Senate try to push through the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military, and also push through the DREAM Act, which would allow children of illegal immigrants who are in the US through no action of their own, but arrived before age 16, have lived here for at least five years, have graduated high school, and have been in college for two years or served two years in the military, to become American citizens!

It is possible that the GOP will block passasge, but if so, it can be used as a campaign issue against them! It is long overdue for the Democrats to play hardball, and not worry about bipartisanship and cooperation since the Republican Party clearly declared war on the Obama Administration on Day One!

It is time for action on gay rights and immigration, and even though the Democrats have a low rating on their Congressional performance in Gallup polls, the GOP has an even lower score, so let them continue to bottleneck and blockade, and they will, hopefully, suffer at the polls on November 2!

Charlie Crist Abandoned By Two He Promoted To Their Public Positions! :(

Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is running as an Independent for the Senate this fall, is learning rapidly what it is to be abandoned by two people that he promoted to their public positions, and it does not make either of these individuals look very appreciative! ๐Ÿ™

First, he was abandoned by George LeMieux, who he appointed to replace Senator Mel Martinez almost a year ago, to fill the remaining 16 months of that term, but who chose to endorse Marco Rubio for the Senate! Now it is rumored that LeMieux plans to challenge Democratic Senator Bill Nelson for his reelection contest in 2012, although the appointed Senator has shown no statesmanship or principle at all, and is obviously a traitor as well! ๐Ÿ™

Now, the news comes that Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, who was an obscure state senator when Crist picked him to be his running mate in 2006, is also abandoning his boss, and backing Marco Rubio for the Senate! Kottkamp was a nonentity as Lieutenant Governor, except for the news that he was very loose in his use of an expense account to travel, at the expense of taxpayers! In other words, he was as irresponsible in the use of public money as Marco Rubio was while Speaker of the state House! ๐Ÿ™

Both LeMieux and Kottkamp will go down as traitors to Crist, who made them what they became, and with Crist ahead in the polls for the Senate race, what they are trying to prevent, his victory for the Senate seat, will hopefully be a failure!

And then when either one goes for higher office, such as LeMieux for Nelson’s Senate seat, it would be appropriate for Crist to support Nelson based on record, but also based on incompetence that LeMieux has demonstrated in his short time in the US Senate, plus disloyalty! ๐Ÿ™

“Appointed” Florida Senator George LeMieux: A Traitor To Charlie Crist!

In an unbelievable move, “appointed” Florida Senator George LeMieux, who has proved to be a total mediocrity in the Senate, with no mind of his own, has repudiated Governor Charlie Crist, who appointed him to fill out the 16 months left in the term of Senator Mel Martinez, who resigned in September 2009.

Can you imagine that your good friend, who you worked for and made you what you are, decides to repudiate you and back the party over friendship? Is that a man of principle or of opportunism? ๐Ÿ™ What it comes down to is that George LeMieux is “Benedict Arnold”! ๐Ÿ™

Supposedly, LeMieux understood that he was simply filling a seat temporarily, and had no ambition to seek the Senate seat himself, and that is why Crist appointed him!

But now there are rumors that LeMieux may suddenly have interest in running for the Senate himself against Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in 2012, and obviously, if that is his ambition, he cannot afford to antagonize the GOP establishment in his state if he wishes to have their backing in the future.

So, in other words, throw your friend, who gave you the opportunity for what you are, under the bus! To hell with friendship, principle and decency! ๐Ÿ™

Senator LeMieux has been a total disgrace to the state, and he should be condemned for his reprehensible behavior!

All that this does, as well as all the other Republicans statewide and nationally who have repudiated Crist, is to make Crist look ever better to many independents, moderates, and even Democrats, who admire Crist as a man who speaks his mind and is not tied to a party line!

With his announcement of independent candidacy for the Senate seat in Florida, Crist allows himself, if he is elected, the opportunity to be a moderate to progressive voice, who might very well join the Democratic caucus if he wins the seat!

Do not count Charlie Crist out, as many are, as he has an excellent opportunity to win the seat with as little as 34-37 percent of the vote!

The Florida race becomes the most interesting of numerous Senate races in the upcoming midterm elections of 2010!