Florida Abortion Battle

Abortion Rights Key Issue Of Presidential And Congressional Elections Of 2024!

The insane, lunatic action of the Arizona Supreme Court insures that abortion rights will be the key issue of the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.

The Republican Party and Donald Trump, and the corrupt majority of the Supreme Court have made abortion the major issue of human rights, as more than half the population of the nation will not tolerate the loss of bodily control that every human being should have!

The insanity of an 1864 law in Arizona, when there were fewer than 10,000 people living in the territory that did not become a state until 1912, being utilized 160 years later, calls for a purge of the Arizona Supreme Court. They are, clearly, a bunch of corrupt, “bought” monsters, allowing religious extremists and right wing whackos that want to bring America back to the 19th century, to dictate the lives of American women!

Arizona joins Alabama and Florida in promoting extremism and authoritarianism, in line with the Fascism of Donald Trump and the horrendous Republican Party cult in Congress and the states!

Everyone with a brain and compassion needs to get out there and campaign for everyone they know to vote, and to make sure they meet their own citizen’s commitment to throw the “rascals” out, and insure that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans never egain get near political power!

Abortion Rights Battle In Florida In November!

The battle over abortion rights is moving to Florida, where the voters will have the opportunity to enshrine them in the Florida state constitution by a vote in November, IF 60 percent of the voters vote favorably!

This fight will occur just as the state puts into action a six week abortion ban, even worse than the 15 week abortion ban originally put into play by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and just upheld by the DeSantis dominated appointments to the State Supreme Court. It will go into effect in May.

So for six months at least, there will be no legal abortion location in the Southern States, and this will be a battle royale of dueling sides in this battle for women’s rights!

This battle will also have the effect of putting the Presidential Election of 2024 into play in the Sunshine State, making it possible that Joe Biden might be able to win Florida.

Certainly, if that were to occur, it would insure that Biden defeats Donald Trump in November, due to the 30 electoral votes that Florida, as the third largest state, has in Presidential elections!

It could also endanger Senator Rick Scott in his race for a second term.