Federal Supremacy

The False Argument Of States Rights

The move by Attorney Generals in many states to try to prevent enforcement of the Health Care Reform Act is a disgrace, based on the false doctrine of states rights!

States rights and secession were settled by the Civil War one hundred fifty years ago! Are we about to go back to the times of John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis? Are we also to go back to the times of Strom Thurmond and George Wallace?

The fact is that the US government and Constitution are supreme, and whether we like it or not, all Americans are required to obey the laws passed by Congress!

We are required to pay federal income taxes. We are required to pay Social Security taxes. We are required to pay Medicare taxes.

We are also required to obey the law regarding racial integration, and when Arkansas under President Eisenhower, and Mississippi and Alabama under President Kennedy refused to obey federal court orders, the National Guard was called in under federal control.

The fact that everyone will be required to have health insurance is not something to be argued about, as when people end up in emergency rooms, we end up paying much more than if they have insurance. No one can think that he or she, at any age, will not need insurance protection. This is now a requirement and a good one, and just like anything else, a way has to be found to do what needs to be done: protect yourself against accident and illness!

So, the false use of the Tenth Amendment is just an excuse to bring back an idea which was resolved long ago; the states may NOT disobey federal law!