Environmental Issues

Vivek Ramaswamy: An Arrogant, Cocky, Scary Amateur Running For President!

Vivek Ramaswamy, the son of Hindu immigrants, who is estimated at age 38 to be a billionaire from his biotechnology industry investments, is an arrogant, cocky, scary amateur running for President, and has succeeded in gaining enough support in public opinion polls to be on the stage tonight at the Republican Presidential debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A graduate of Harvard University and Yale University Law School, he is an extreme right wing candidate, working to be more extreme than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and promising he would pardon Donald Trump on Day One if he was elected President.

He describes himself as an “anti woke activist”, meaning he looks down upon those who have compassion, empathy, decency, sincerity, and concern for those who are not privileged as he is!

Ramaswamy is utterly brash, cocky, and has tremendous hubris, who thinks he is supremely qualified to be President. He is the person to watch tonight, and it is believed that Ron DeSantis is ready to apply the hatchet to him, at the same time that Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson are also ready to go after DeSantis, who is fast deteriorating as a serious candidate for the Presidency.

Ramaswamy is running as Trump 2.0, and his foreign policy beliefs are totally scary and shocking, as he would reduce or end aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan; and allow Russia to keep the area of Ukraine that he controls at the moment, and prevent Ukraine from being part of NATO.

Domestically, he would work against transgender rights; environmental concerns; dealing with COVID 19’s continued threat even today; is supportive of the National Rifle Assocation; extremely anti abortion; calls to abolish the Department of Education, the FBI, and the IRS; wants to expand presidential power, pledging to rule by executive fiat; and wants to raise the voting age to 25 by constitutional amendment!

If Ramaswamy somehow was elected President, one can imagine as the youngest President that he would wish to remain in power for life, rather than leave office in his mid 40s.

He can be seen as a younger generation Fascist authoritarian, who would be a threat to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and he should not be ignored, and needs to be observed closely both tonight and in future months, as his fortune and self support means he is not going to withdraw at any point before the battle is over for the Republican nomination.

And even more scary and terrifying is his statement that he would consider lunatic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr as his Vice Presidential running mate!

The Keystone Pipeline Controversy: Crucial Issue For America’s Future

The issue of promoting domestic sources of energy in a world where America depends too much on foreign sources of oil has led to the promotion by the Republican Party of the proposed Keystone Pipeline from Canada down to Texas as a major solution that must be approved by the federal government before it can move ahead.

But it is not all that easy and settled that the Keystone Pipeline is a good direction for American energy and the American environment.

Here are the facts:

The Pipeline would go from Alberta, Canada through Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, and Texas.

The chance of greenhouse gas emissions and oil spills in sensitive areas is worrisome, plus the reality of a seismic zone with earthquake activity as high as 4.3 magnitude in 2002.

The danger to one of the largest water supplies, the Ogallala Aquifer, a major fresh water source, which spans eight states, provides drinking water to 2 million people and $20 billion in agriculture in the major area of the Farm Belt, could devastate the Midwest economy and deny safe drinking water in case of a disaster similar to the Gulf Oil Spill.

The danger to the environment would include harm to migratory birds and other wildlife, and far more devastating damages from tar sands oil which is more polluting than regular petroleum, and could cause long term damage for centuries, all in the name of profit over safety.

The Republican Governor of Nebraska, Dave Heineman, has opposed the project because of concern as to its effect on Nebraska economically and environmentally. He has signed legislation to divert the pipeline away from sensitive areas in the state, because of concern over its long range impact. So it is not just Democrats who are concerned over the project.

The Koch Brothers, deeply involved in conservative causes, are a major influence on convincing the Republicans in Congress to pressure Barack Obama to agree to the project as part of a tax deal extension for the bulk of 2012, which means “blackmail” is being utilized in reality.

The idea of major employment growth is belied by the facts that only a few thousand permanent jobs would be created, having a negligible effect on the unemployment rate.

The effect on the entire energy picture in America would also be negligible, hardly a blip in the entire controversy over becoming less dependent on foreign oil. It is simply an attempt to force the pipeline on America despite its insignificant impact on both jobs and energy supply.

President Obama wants to delay the project decision moving forward to 2013, but it could become a hot political issue in 2012, and is a controversy which needs a lot more exposure and discussion before an agreement that could harm the long range future of the nation.