“Election Denier”

New House Speaker Mike Johnson: An Election Denier! :(

Finally, the Republican Party has united around Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson, age 51, as their new Speaker of the House.

There was an urgency to elect a Speaker to stop the paralysis of Congress, but it is disturbing that Mike Johnson was an Election Denier over the Presidential Election Of 2020.

But now, with Donald Trump having backed his elevation, his becoming two heartbeats away from the Presidency, when Johnson is hardly a known figure, hopefully, he will act responsibly.

A social conservative, there will be clashes with the Senate Democratic majority and the Democratic President and Vice President, but for the moment, one feels give Mike Johnson some slack and let us hope for the best!

Democrat Tim Ryan Deserves To Be Elected As Ohio Senator

Ohio has an opportunity to elect a Congressman who has made a distinguished record in the House of Representatives for the past 20 years to be its new US Senator.

Tim Ryan is clearly a person of distinction and principle, who would join Democrat Sherrod Brown in the Senate, and replace Republican Senator Rob Portman, one of the small number of Republican leaders who performed in a reputable fashion in his years in the upper body of Congress.

Ohio deserves to have two principled Democrats who care about the state and the nation, not about pleasing Fascist demagogue Donald Trump, as Republican Senate nominee J D Vance does (after having denounced Trump in 2016). Vance also is an “Election Denier”, regarding the Presidential Election of 2020, so cannot be trusted with power in the Senate!