Deportation Policies

Trump “Pivot”: Appealing For African American And Hispanic Votes, While Not Repudiating Racist Supporters. This Is A Pivot?

Donald Trump is suddenly trying to convince people of decency that he is not a bigot, a racist, a nativist, by appealing to African American and Hispanic voters, after 14 months running for President advocating bigotry, racism, and nativism, and NOT repudiating the support of racists, including David Duke and other white supremacist individuals and groups.

Trump is a total phony, who finally realizes he is losing the election in a massive way, and is trying to change the result, without any real commitment to doing anything that would benefit either African Americans or Hispanics.

Trump is suddenly telling us that if he was President, in four years he would win 95 percent of the African American vote, when right now he might win ONE percent of their vote.

And suddenly, he is saying that the issue of the “deportation force” for eleven million illegal, undocumented immigrants was “to be determined”, when he has advocated a harsh deportation and the building of a wall for 2,000 miles across the Mexican border.

Does any intelligent person really believe that Donald Trump gives a damn for any minority person, other than gaining his or her vote?

This so called “pivot” is a joke, not to be taken seriously by anyone!

Has Trump gone before any African American or Hispanic group or audience? The answer is NO, and it is odd that he would talk about a change before an overwhelmingly white audience which supports him, and could not care less about what happens to any minority group of Americans, as they endorse his bigotry, racism, and nativism.

When Trump formally repudiates hate groups in an open way, which will not happen, then we might start to consider his sincerity, his “pivot”, but even then, his record on race and ethnicity, even in his business dealings before becoming a Presidential candidate, makes it clear he is not to be trusted or believed one iota!

A Major Positive For Barack Obama In 2012: The Hispanic-Latino Vote

Many Hispanics and Latinos are unhappy with President Barack Obama, due to the deportation policies of the administration, seen as considerably tougher than under George W. Bush; and to the continuing economic difficulties faced by them, a higher unemployment rate than whites.

But yet, it seems clear from a survey of the Pew Hispanic Center that Hispanics and Latinos will back Obama by 2-1 over any Republican opponent.

The reason is the constant anti Hispanic and anti Latino statements of Republicans running for the Presidency, and the Republican membership of Congress.

Also, jobs, education and health care matter most to Hispanics and Latinos, and on all three, the GOP is seen as unfriendly and antagonistic to the values and concerns of those groups.

John McCain received 31 percent of the Hispanic and Latino vote in 2008. George W. Bush had done better, with about 40 percent. It seems clear that whoever the Republican nominee is, he is unlikely to get much more than 20 percent, if that.

And only Cuban Americans are likely to vote in the majority for the Republican nominee for President, while Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and other Central and South American Hispanics will certainly back Obama overwhelmingly!