CNN Polls

Civil War In The GOP: Men Vs Women; Blue Collar Vs White Collar; Born Again Christians Vs Not; Tea Party Supporters Vs Not

The Republican Party, based on a new CNN poll, are totally split down the middle, engaged in a true civil war for the future of the party.

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, despite being self described as “severely conservative”, has not convinced many groups in the GOP that he is a conservative. He is backed by women, white collar professionals, those NOT born again Christian, and those NOT Tea Party supporters.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, certainly more right wing than Romney can claim to be, is backed by men, blue collar workers, born again Christians, and Tea Party supporters.

This means that Mitt Romney is far from certain as the nominee of the party, and the Michigan Primary coming up on February 28 in the state of his birth, and the state which elected his father George Romney Governor in the 1960s, will be a true battleground, with Santorum at the moment ahead of Mitt Romney.

The question is are we going to have a candidate who represents a much more narrow minded, less educated, more religiously fanatical element, as the Republican nominee to lead our country in the 21st century? Or are we going to have a candidate who represents a more socially advanced, more educated, more open minded, less governed by religion as part of government, as the GOP nominee?

This looks like a battle royale on the level of Nelson Rockefeller vs Barry Goldwater in 1964, but with Santorum far more scary and narrow minded and dangerous than Barry Goldwater could ever have been in reality!

The Ongoing Civil War In The Republican Party: Similar To 1964 Goldwater-Rockefeller Race?

A recent CNN poll demonstrates the chasm that exists in the Republican Party, as the 2012 Presidential campaign comes on the scene more every day.

The demographics, ideology, and temperament of the two warring groups creates a real problem for their future. By 51-49, the majority do NOT support the Tea Party Movement, and can be seen as “Establishment” Republicans.

The Tea Party Republicans are older, more educated, and more male, while the Establishment Republicans are more likely female, less educated, younger, and less likely to be evangelical Christians.

The Tea Party Republicans are more angry about how things are working out in the country. And they are more concerned about the deficit; more likely not to believe science in regards to global warming and evolution; more likely to believe in the abolition of the Department of Education; more skeptical about abortion and gay marriage; more critical of the Federal Reserve Board; and more likely to think social security needs to be changed.

The Establishment Republicans want a candidate who can defeat President Obama, and less concerned about purity in principles.

Realistically, the Tea Party Republicans favor Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann, although some like Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or Herman Cain.

The Establishment Republicans strongly support Mitt Romney, or possibly Jon Huntsman, as legitimate candidates

So the present Perry-Romney frontrunner battle in many ways represents a similar battle to that of Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller in 1964!

CNN And CBS Polls Show Republican Party The Loser In Debt Ceiling Debacle!

CNN and CBS polls demonstrate that the Republican Party is looked at unfavorably by nearly six out of ten of those polled; that only 3 out of 10 look at the Tea Party Movement favorably, and that Barack Obama continues to have a much higher favorable image than anyone in Congress.

There is a tremendous anger against Congress, making the institution lower ranked than ever in polls, as low as 14 percent, while Obama rates in the low to mid 40s on performance, but higher on personal likability.

While there is disillusionment about all politicians in Congress, it is very clear that the Republican Party is reaping the harvest of their destructive, suicidal behavior in the Debt Ceiling Crisis. They are being blamed for the downgrading of the Triple A credit rating of the US by Standard and Poor’s, and they are seen, more than ever, as taking unpopular stands on labor rights, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, the environment, and taxation of the wealthy and powerful corporations, among other issues.

While the credit downgrading is a terrible development, it already seems as if the Democrats will come out stronger from the debacle, and that the Republican Party will pay the price electorally in the next round of voting!