Brandon Pressley Mississippi

Democrats Again Triumph On Election Day!

A glorious evening as Democratic Governor Andy Beshear wins reelection in Kentucky by at least 5 points over monstrous Republican State Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and Ohio backs abortion rights in the state constitution, despite Republicans trying to outlaw it totally!

And in Virginia,it seems that Democrats will retain control of the upper chamber of the state legislature, undermining Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin!

And even in Mississippi, Democrat Brandon Presley is running a good race against Republican Governor Tate Reeves at this writing!

Once again, Republicans have not done well, and Democrats have had election success!

Kentucky And Mississippi Gubernatorial Elections Important Sign For Future!

Two Gubernatorial elections on Tuesday will be an important sign for the future.

In Kentucky, Democratic incumbent Andy Beshear is favored to win over Republican Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is the first African American major party gubernatorial nominee in that state’s history.

In Mississippi, Republican incumbent Tate Reeves is in a close race with Democratic nominee Brandon Presley, the Public Service Commissioner for the Northern District of that state since 2007, and a second cousin of rock star Elvis Presley.

If both Beshear and Presley can win, it will be another sign of Democratic strength in states strongly Republican!