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David Stockman And Bruce Bartlett, Former Reagan Economic Policy Advisers, Condemn The Romney-Ryan Republican Ticket As Out Of Mainstream!

The Republican Party loves to invoke Ronald Reagan as their patron saint, even though his record clearly shows he would not be very happy with the trend in the GOP, as even his son Ron Reagan Jr claims.

But beyond Ron Reagan, Jr., two leading economic policy advisers under President Reagan, Bruce Bartlett and David Stockman, have condemned the Republican Party and its candidates and economic policies as out of the mainstream of American politics.

Bartlett says the party has gone insane, dreams of anarchy and the end of government, and has lost all reasonableness.

Stockman has ridiculed the Ryan budget plan, and condemns the idea of Ryan that more defense spending is necessary, and more tax cuts to the wealthy, while the middle class and the poor are victimized. Stockman see the Ryan Plan as not serious, and lacking any common sense!

It is not just Bartlett and Stockman who are critical of the Ryan Plan, and of the turn of events in the Republican Party.

Many past Republican leaders are privately shaking their heads, and see an electoral disaster coming, and we are seeing moderate conservative Republican Senators such as Olympia Snowe of Maine, Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, and Richard Lugar of Indiana, all three leaving, with Lugar not by his own choice, bemoaning the turn of events toward unreasonable extremism, and failure to be willing to cross the aisle for support from Democrats.

Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee is one of many former Republican leaders who have promoted that states led by GOP Governors stop fighting ObamaCare, and to start exchanges for the uninsured, required under the law by 2014, or else the federal government will do so for those states against their will. Frist, himself a surgeon, says these Republicans leaders are misguided, and that the Obama plan was originally a Republican idea in the mid 1990s., an absolutely true statement!

Former Senator Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson is another Republican who has condemned present Republican attitudes, and many former George H. W. Bush aides quietly have joined the Reagan former advisers in calling for an end to the extremism of the present Republican Party.

But, as in 1964, when we had an ideological election defeat for the GOP with Barry Goldwater, it is clear that there will be a need for a defeat of the ideological environment that Mitt Romney has provoked by selecting ideological Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate!

Difference In Image Of Obama-Biden As Compared To Bush-Cheney!

George W. Bush has revealed in his memoir, due out this week, that he seriously considered replacing Vice President Dick Cheney with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in the 2004 Presidential campaign, due to the image that Cheney was really making the decisions as the President, and that Bush relied on him too heavily. Therefore, replacing Cheney would improve Bush’s image as the “decider”!

This shows how insecure Bush was and is, that he would be concerned what the American public thought of him, and that he might be considered by them as not qualified for the Oval Office! His upset that Kanye West called him a racist for his slow reaction to Hurricane Katrina is further evidence of that fact!

Compare this to Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and the image is VERY different!

Many might say that Obama is not qualified to be President, but only the right wing talk show hosts really spread that propaganda, and Obama has a strong enough self image that he does not spend a minute worrying about that assertion! And if he was to be upset over every character assassination which has been visited upon him by critics, he would be totally unable to function! But Obama is very secure in his own skin!

Joe Biden is playing a very important role for President Obama, and they get along splendidly, but there is no sense of rivalry between the two men, no self doubt on the part of Obama that he can do the job!

It goes to show that we need to have a better way to judge a candidate’s mental health, as that is an important part of what makes him able to handle the pressures of the Presidency!

It is clear that we have had Presidents, particularly Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, who based on their mental state, should not have been President, as they harmed the country in many ways because of their own insecurities!

George W. Bush: Two Years Later, Is He Delusional? :(

George W. Bush has been out of the White House now for two years, and has been avoiding the public spotlight, while preparing his memoirs, which will come out next week!

But excerpts of the memoir have been leaked to the press, and it does not make Bush look very good! In fact, it makes one almost wonder if he has taken to drinking again, something he writes about in his memoir!

Well known as an alcoholic, joining the short list of Presidents who are defined as such (the others being distant relative Franklin Pierce, and Ulysses Grant), Bush reveals a great deal about himself in his memoir!

He tells us that he thought of replacing Vice President Dick Cheney with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, an interesting scenario, because had it happened, Frist might very well have been the Presidential nominee in 2008, rather than Senator John McCain!

He feels that Barack Obama has not been a success, forgetting the mess that he left for the new President, the worst situation since Herbert Hoover handed over the Presidency to Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933!

Even more interesting is his assessment of his greatest failure: the inability to privatize Social Security in his second term! This would have led to the total destruction of the whole system had it occurred, with the stock market crash in 2008!

But somehow, Hurricane Katrina, September 11, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War–all of these are not depicted as failures, as compared to Social Security privatization! What planet is George W. Bush on? 🙁

Also, what was his greatest disappointment and upset? Not any of the above events, but when recording artist Kanye West called him a racist for his slow reaction to the horrors of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, particularly the flooding of New Orleans! Not the hurricane, but Kanye West calling him names, is the greatest upset Bush experienced!

By this statement of Bush, President Obama should be constantly upset over the crazy, loony verbal attacks on him by the “wingnuts” and the talk show hosts who don’t give him a pass on ANYTHING! 🙁

George W. Bush seems to the author to be a very troubled man who fails to face reality, and can too easily be “upset” by words of criticism!

Bush needs to learn the following: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” He needs to get off liquor and have some serious psychiatric help!

The question is how will the American people be able, finally, to overcome the damage he has wrought on this nation! 🙁

Impending Split In GOP For 2012 Obvious: Who Did Not Attend California Rally Led By Michael Steele And Sarah Palin?

Once the midterm elections of 2010 end in 16 days, the race for the Presidential nomination in 2012 will begin formally, and it is clear there will be a major split among Republicans!

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele and former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin attended and hosted the event in Anaheim, but it was very obvious that there were three significant Republicans who did not want to associate themselves with the rally!

Specifically, Republican nominee for Governor Meg Whitman, and Republican nominee for Senator Carly Fiorina, both running very close races, and both very ambitious and accomplished corporate leaders (of Ebay and Hewlett Packard, respectively) avoided the rally, knowing fully and clearly that in the “blue” state of California, Sarah Palin and Michael Steele are seen as “poison”! And both women are believed to look down on Palin as a woman of few accomplishments, compared to themselves!

But also not present was Senator John McCain, who was campaigning just an hour away from the rally, for Carly Fiorina in her campaign against Senator Barbara Boxer, and going out of his way to make really nasty comments against a fellow Senator, a new tactic only used in the past few years against colleagues of the other party, as it was always felt it was unseemly to do so! One could campaign FOR a candidate without bad mouthing your colleague of the other party, but this is the new reality, which began when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist campaigned in South Dakota against Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle in 2004! The age of common decency with your colleagues is part of the “old rules” sadly no longer in effect!

But it also raised eyebrows that McCain avoided the rally headed by his own former running mate of 2008, and it is well known that Megan McCain, his daughter, has continued to make criticisms of Palin in her interviews and public appearances!

So the campaign of 2012 will be a very interesting one, with major blood letting to occur, as nearly a dozen ambitious Republicans will be organizing for President, and none of them want to be associated with either Michael Steele’s leadership of the party, or with Sarah Palin, who is seen by many, privately, as unqualified to be President, and as an annoying distraction in Republican party politics! 🙁

Five Prominent Republicans Back Obama Push For Health Care

It is great news to see that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson in calling for an overhaul of the health care system through support of President Obama’s push for reform. Also, as reported earlier, Bob Dole and Howard Baker, two other GOP Senate Majority Leaders from earlier times, have backed the need for change.

Only one Republican senator, Olympia Snowe of Maine, seems willing to move in that direction, and the fact that four significant Republicans from the past and the governor of our largest state are breaking ranks with the “just say No” Republicans in Congress is therefore an encouraging move.

Obama has also met with a group of doctors from the the fifty states, as he is becoming more intimately involved in pushing for what a majority of Americans say is essential–to change the nature of our health care system so that we finally bring almost all Americans under the umbrella of protection, a step that should have occurred long ago!

How Far The Republican Party Has Fallen As Compared To Past Leadership!

News has emerged that THREE former Republican Majority Leaders of the Senate would, if they were in the Senate now, vote for a health care reform plan, instead of Mitch McConnell and just about all Senate Republicans in today’s Senate who are totally negative and lacking in any new ideas.

I am speaking of Bob Dole of Kansas, Howard Baker of Tennessee, and Bill Frist of Tennessee.

This just is further evidence of how far the GOP has fallen as compared to the party in the age of Nixon and even Reagan. Then the GOP had some principles, as compared to now when they have no real alternative ideas and have allowed their party to be co-opted or hijacked by whacko talk show hosts.

Not only should the Republican party of today be ashamed, but I contend that if Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight D. Eisenhower were alive today, they would refuse to remain Republicans, and I would add to that list, even Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

The Republican party had a significant role in the past, but now all they are able to be is negative. What a disgrace!