The Nation Needs A New Leader To Stop Donald Trump!

It has been a tormenting three days since the disaster of the Presidential debate.

This author and blogger has been indecisive in his views on what should happen, but as time has passed, the answer has come that the nation needs a new leader to stop Donald Trump.

This is not about Joe Biden, who will go down in history as a superb President, better in one term than James K. Polk, usually said to be the best one term President.

It is about the future of America, and the absolute, dire need to stop Donald Trump from returnning to the White House, as he will destroy the American Republican, democracy, the rule of law, and the Constitution!

The Democratic Party must promote an open convention, and allow any potential Presidential candidate to make his or her case over the next six to seven weeks, and then allow the delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago to choose who they wish to be their nominees for President and Vice President.

Joe Biden must recognize the need for change, as to believe that he can conduct the Presidency for the next four years to age 86 is unrealistic, as there has never been a democratically elected world leader at that age in world history!

Winston Churchill retired at age 80, and Biden will be 82 a few weeks after the election, and only Popes, Kings, and dictators such as in Iran presently, have served at later ages.

Joe Biden MUST do what is right for the nation, and he can hold his head high as a statesman by doing the right thing!

8 comments on “The Nation Needs A New Leader To Stop Donald Trump!

  1. Princess Leia July 1, 2024 12:18 pm

    SCOTUS has ruled in favor of Trump on the immunity case. 🙁

  2. Rustbelt Democrat July 1, 2024 1:11 pm

    It looks like everything is pointing to King Donald getting back on the throne.

  3. Pragmatic Progressive July 1, 2024 1:18 pm

    This ruling is horrendous! SCOTUS has given him carte blanche to do whatever he wants.

  4. Former Republican July 1, 2024 1:36 pm

    Since presidents now get immunity, Biden should sign an Executive Order banning felons named Trump from becoming president.

  5. Rustbelt Democrat July 1, 2024 1:38 pm

    I say Biden should use his immunity to fire the Court and appoint one that doesn’t work for King Donald.

  6. Rational Lefty July 1, 2024 9:20 pm

    Post-debate polling is starting to come out.

    Trump has taken a slight edge over Biden in favorability among registered voters in New Hampshire, according to the results of a recent poll conducted after the debate that overall found voters unhappy with both candidates.

    The Saint Anselm College poll, released Monday and conducted June 28-29, shows Trump besting Biden 44% to 42%.

    The last Saint Anselm poll, conducted in December 2023, showed Trump trailing Biden by 10 points.

    In the new poll, Trump had a 42% favorability rating among polled voters while Biden had 39% favorability rating.

    Biden was the top choice of those who said they dislike both candidates, however, with 30% of these voters choosing Biden and 13% choosing Trump.

    “If the election were held today, Trump would edge out Biden in New Hampshire with support at 44% versus 42%,” the poll concluded.

    Biden won New Hampshire in the 2020 general election, garnering 52.9% of the vote while Trump picked up 45.5%.

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