Day: March 31, 2016

The Cory Lewandowski Incident Tells Us Legions About Donald Trump, And Why He Is So Dangerous!

Cory Lewandowski is the campaign manager for Donald Trump, and he has great problems in controlling his hands and his emotions.

He, clearly, grabbed journalist Michelle Fields and bruised her arm at the end of a Trump press conference, but refuses to admit it, and apologize, so a case of battery has been brought by the Jupiter, Florida police department, which has video evidence of what happened.

So a court case has begun, and Trump fully backs his abusive aide, who has shown temper in the past, and tells his aide to fight it all the way in court.

This is a sign of just how dangerous Donald Trump is.

He argues he does not want to ruin the life of his campaign manager, but he could tell him, just admit the transgression, apologize, and move on, as that is all Michelle Fields would ask.

But no, Trump is incapable of admitting any faults or errors, and also wants to sue, and hints at a counter suit against Michelle Fields!

This proves how crazy Trump, an entitled inheritor of wealth is, and he needs his comeuppance, and this, hopefully, along with his crazy statements about foreign policy, and his statement that women who have abortions should go to prison, will help seal his fate!

It is disturbing how no possibility of apology or admission of error ever comes from his mouth!  What will happen, god forbid, if he is President, and a blunder occurs, which he will be unwilling to confess to, and people will die, as a result?

It is also disturbing how he continues to promote disrespect of women, as he is a misogynist, and believes use of force in interpersonal relations, as well as foreign relations, is perfectly normal and acceptable!

Trump is out of control, and is the most dangerous Presidential candidate in all of American history!

I am publishing an article on History News Network to this effect on April 11, and it will be put on the blog under “Articles” shortly after for my readers who do not wish to access the History News Network website (