Day: March 18, 2016

Donald Trump: The “Great Brain” Who Is Encouraging Riots If He Is Not The Republican Presidential Nominee!

The egotistical, obnoxious, narcissistic Donald Trump is becoming more scary by the day!

He calls himself a “Great Brain”, who is his own best adviser, and refuses to indicate what his policy views are, or what advisers he will recruit around himself.

He threatens that riots will take place if he is stopped from being the Republican Presidential nomination.

He gains Hitler supporters around him, and the white supremacist groups are coming out of the woodwork as they have not done in many years.

Trump is a growing threat to civil order and the rule of law, and the worst human trash imaginable is gathering around him with his incendiary rhetoric, and hateful propaganda.

The Republican Party seems paralyzed to stop him, and there is foreboding that something very tragic and significant may occur this year, a turning point in American history, as  occurred in 1968!