Day: December 25, 2013

Chris Christie’s Bully Image Not Good For A President: Tact And Diplomacy An Essential For Good Leadership!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seems to charm many people with his bluntness and candor, and many people also laugh when they see him being sarcastic and harsh in his rhetoric, but this, while entertaining to many, is NOT good for a person who wishes to become leader of the free world, and be able to deal with the multitude of crises that arise under any President.

Being a “bully” is not flattering, and Christie has demonstrated this fault innumerable times in dealing with citizens of New Jersey, the state legislature, and the news media.

Imagine this happening in dealing with foreign governments! Sure, many average Americans might say: “punch the SOB in the mouth!”, but that is NOT the way diplomacy can be done, and if Christie insults foreign leaders, rather than “control his tongue”, this could lead to war, and the loss of lives because of his temper and inability to control his public behavior.

Americans would not be laughing if Christie’s mouth and demeanor cause massive problems, and his temperamental nature could be a danger to all of us, as while it might be fine or acceptable to be that way for the Governor of New Jersey, it is totally inappropriate for the Presidency of the United States.

What American President in modern times has acted this way? NONE is the answer, not even Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, or George W. Bush, all of whom were known for some blunders in their public utterances, but NONE on the level of the ability of Christie to provoke.

So, Governor Christie, if you wish to become President, you had better start toning down right now! But seriously, we all know this is part of his public persona, so therefore, it clearly disqualifies him to sit in the Oval Office. Sorry, Chris!

Inspirational People Of 2013

In any year, there is so much to be discouraged about, so much to be shocked about, so much to be unhappy about, as we see so many examples of selfishness, greed, hatred, and prejudice in the world, not just the United States.

The concept of fairness, compassion, justice, equality, freedom is always being fought against those individuals and forces that would deny all of these basic principles of human advancement.

So on Christmas Day, it is an appropriate time to point out who has inspired liberals and progressives in the year 2013. In no special order, they include the following:

The late South African President Nelson Mandela
Pope Francis, Vatican City
New York City Mayor-Elect Bill De Blasio
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy
Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Delaware Senator Chris Coons
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley
MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow
MNBC talk show host Lawrence O’Donnell

There are others who could make this list, but this is an even dozen, a great start to a list of principled, and inspiring, people who have changed our lives in a positive fashion!

A Rare Moment Of Bipartisanship: Marsha Blackburn-Carol Maloney Promotion Of A National Women’s History Museum In Washington, DC!

Lo and behold, a sign of bipartisanship on an idea that may seem minor to the less informed, but is a wonderful idea: the establishment of a National Women’s History Museum on the Mall in Washington, DC!

It is a pleasure to announce that Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Democratic Congresswoman Carol Maloney of New York are co-sponsoring legislation to provide for the building of one more museum in or near the Mall in Washington, DC, a museum that is urgently needed to record and commemorate the tremendous contributions and sacrifices of women in American history, who have helped to advance American democracy!

This is long overdue, as we have a national museum for Native Americans, as well as the progress on the African American museum, and a few years ago, the Museum of American Jewish History was opened in Philadelphia, and will demand a visit from this author in the spring of 2014.

There is also a Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, affiliated with the Smithsonian Museum, but there is no Museum for Asian Americans which incorporates all Asian groups.

There is a push for a National Museum of the American Latino, but there is also discussion of a National Immigration Museum, which might usurp such a initiative, as too many museums and not enough space in DC, forcing it to be elsewhere as the Jewish Museum and Japanese American National Museums already are.

Even if not all of the museums can find a home in the nation’s capital, it is important to commemorate the contributions of all of the varied groups which have made America what it is, a melting pot of the world’s ethnicities!

And while we are at it, how about a National Labor History Museum to commemorate the sacrifices of the working men and women who have made this country what it is, and deserve proper recognition as well?