Day: December 26, 2013

Congressional Session The Worst Since Records Kept In 1947!

The 113th Congress, First Session, is now over, and it is the WORST year of Congressional action since records were kept beginning in 1947!

This year’s session was truly the DO NOTHING Congress, as only 58 bills were passed, and if this was private enterprise, with the lack of action and accomplishment, the members of Congress would face being fired for incompetence,

But while there can be criticism of the Democratic controlled Senate, the House of Representatives, supposedly the “voice of the people”, since it is based on approximately equal population in each Congressional district, particularly right after the once a decade reapportionment of seats, is much more the villain, as the Tea Party Movement membership of about 50-70 members has been focused on total stalemate and gridlock, and made life hellish for traditional conservative Republicans, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The budget deal in December overcame the Tea Party element, and hopefully, that is a sign of possible accomplishments in 2014, with the midterm elections coming up, but public confidence in Congress is at an all time low, and they richly deserve that condemnation!