Day: July 3, 2013

As California Turned “Blue”, Texas Will, Very Likely, As Well By 2020!

It is hard to recall that California was for a long time strongly Republican in Presidential contests and in Congressional seats as well, but the decision of the Republican Party to work against the interests of Hispanic and Latino Americans under Governor Pete Wilson twenty years ago doomed the GOP in that state, to the point that there are hardly any Republicans in the Congressional delegation and a minority in both houses of the state legislature. Additionally, California is no longer a battle ground for the Presidential elections, and having 55 electoral votes is twenty percent of what is needed for winning the Presidency!

Once Hispanic and Latino Americans in Texas, the second largest state in population, become more active in voting, and as more young Hispanics and Latinos grow up to the age of voting, and realize the importance of fighting against the regressive attitudes of Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Congressional delegation and state legislature, the odds of the state electing a Democratic Governor and winning more Congressional seats, and turning “Blue” for the Presidential elections of the future, in the same manner as California, becomes much more likely. And 38 electoral votes, added to the 55 of California, gives future Democrats one third of all of the electoral votes needed to win the White House!

With rising stars such as State Senator Wendy Davis, who is leading the fight against a strict abortion law in the state legislature; and with the rise of Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, and his brother, Congressman Joaquin Castro, the rise of the Hispanic and Latino participation, and that of the women who feel wronged by the extremist agenda of Rick Perry and the conservative Republican legislature, will eventually reverberate on elections over the next seven years!

So the GOP may have dominance in the Lone Star State right now, but the odds of it changing dramatically by 2020 and after is very high. The Democrats will be unlikely to win the state in the Presidential Election of 2016, but very likely to have a real opportunity to do so in the Presidential Election of 2020, and once that happens, the GOP will be on its death bed, at least in the sense of being able to count on the backing of the second largest state, and that will make the Republican Party a minority party for the long haul, if it indeed survives!

Democracies Which Emerged Out Of Dictatorships And Became Success Stories

As we see the breakdown of law and order in Egypt, Turkey and elsewhere, all seeking the development of democracy in nations that have not been paragons of promoting justice and equality, we must not forget that there have been cases of nations that have become successful, stable democracies without massive violence and bloodshed in the past few decades. The partial list below does not include those nations in North America, Western Europe, Japan, Israel, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica which have had longer term stable democracies

These would include, as a few major examples the following:

Spain since 1975
Chile since 1989
Poland since 1989
Hungary since 1989
The Czech Republic since 1993
South Africa since 1994
Northern Ireland since 1998
South Korea since the 1990s
Taiwan since the 1990s

If only such could be the same in the Middle East, Africa, much of Asia, and much of Latin America, but we are a long way from that reality!