Day: July 12, 2013

Most Endangered Species In America: Young Black Males!

No matter what the result of the George Zimmerman trial for the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, it is clear that the most endangered species in America are young black males between the ages of 14 and 35.

Hate crimes of whites against blacks are, according to one study, 28 times that of blacks against whites. According to FBI statistics, one out of five hate crimes are against whites, with the vast majority of the remaining 80 percent being against blacks, and to a lesser extent, Hispanics and Latinos.

When one realizes that the majority of crime is black on black crime in the city ghettos, and then add the fact that white crime against blacks is the above stated 28 times as much as blacks against whites, it is clear that any African American mother or father must live in fear that his son of high school or college age or the ten years beyond, is threatened with violence, often leading to death, whether in his own neighborhood, or out in society, because his presence and appearance makes many men and women nervous, and suspicious of his intentions, much like Trayvon Martin was profiled by George Zimmerman.

Add to that the reality that many businesses in shopping malls and elsewhere tend to profile young black men as potential criminals, who will steal if given the opportunity to do so.

So therefore, fear and insecurity is clearly the reality of life in America for people, who because of their darker appearance and the continued presence of stereotyping and profiling, makes their lives very difficult to live in a relaxed. confident manner. Even with the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency, there is still too much distrust and suspicion regarding the issue of race in America!

Republicans In Congress Reach A New Low With Elimination Of Food Stamp Program In House Vote!

So now the Republican Party in Congress, specifically in the US House Of Representatives, have decided that the Food Stamp Program should be eliminated. They have decided that basic needs for food and nutrition among the poor and the disadvantaged are not something government should be engaged in! They have decided that children, the elderly, veterans, the disabled should shift for themselves, if they happen to be disadvantaged! They think it is God’s will that all fetuses be born, but once here, it is not the job of government even to make sure people have adequate food and nutrition!

What could be lower than this vote, with only 12 Republicans having the decency to vote with all of the Democrats in the House of Representatives against legislation that has zero chance of being reconciled with the Senate bill in conference committee?

What kind of message do Republicans feel is being sent by their vote? Does it indicate that the party has any concern for anyone who is not wealthy and powerful? What is wrong with their heads and their hearts? How indecent can any group that calls themselves “legislators” become? The GOP should hang its head in shame, and Speaker John Boehner should denounce his own caucus and announce his resignation, as he will not be party to the total destruction of the party of Lincoln, TR, Ike, and Reagan!

The few moderates that remain in the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives and those reasonable, sane members of the party in the Senate, and those Republicans in the states who realize what the Tea Party lunatics have done, need to stand up now, and demonstrate their principles and renounce what has happened, and that they are ready to form a new political party based on the respectable Republican Party of the past.

This is a new civil war for the future of American democracy, against the power of the religious Right and the extremists, who hate immigrants, minorities, women, labor, and the middle class that they have helped to decimate in the name of a false patriotism!

Destruction Of The Senate By Republican Recklessness With Filibusters: Time For Moderate Reform Of Senate Rules On Executive Branch Nominations!

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky demonstrated that he was a total hypocrite when he attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada yesterday, declaring that Reid was destroying the Senate as an institution by his plan to change filibuster rules on Presidential nominations for cabinet appointments and government agencies.

Reid is not advocating that the filibuster be abandoned when it comes to judicial nominations or legislation, so what he proposes is very mild, simply to allow the executive branch to operate with the filling of executive branch related appointments by majority vote of the Senate.

Considering that the Republican Party has abused the filibuster hundreds of times in the past few years, an all time record, this move does not destroy the Senate, but rather makes it able to go about the business of confirming nominations so that when we elect a President, he is able to conduct government affairs in a proper fashion, without constant roadblocks that paralyze the winner of the election from having his own people in top executive branch positions.

The Republicans have brought this upon themselves, and they have made the Senate the laughing stock of the country, and it is time to modify, without completely abandoning, the concept of the minority able to stop the majority. It still will exist for the judiciary, and for all kinds of legislation, with a 60 vote threshold still required in those areas of Senate activity!

And there is no reason why the Democrats, at some point in the future, should want to block a President of the other party in his or her right to have the nominees he or she wants for the executive branch agencies to have an up and down vote of a majority of the Senate, so that the Presidency can operate in an appropriate way!