Republicans In Congress Reach A New Low With Elimination Of Food Stamp Program In House Vote!

So now the Republican Party in Congress, specifically in the US House Of Representatives, have decided that the Food Stamp Program should be eliminated. They have decided that basic needs for food and nutrition among the poor and the disadvantaged are not something government should be engaged in! They have decided that children, the elderly, veterans, the disabled should shift for themselves, if they happen to be disadvantaged! They think it is God’s will that all fetuses be born, but once here, it is not the job of government even to make sure people have adequate food and nutrition!

What could be lower than this vote, with only 12 Republicans having the decency to vote with all of the Democrats in the House of Representatives against legislation that has zero chance of being reconciled with the Senate bill in conference committee?

What kind of message do Republicans feel is being sent by their vote? Does it indicate that the party has any concern for anyone who is not wealthy and powerful? What is wrong with their heads and their hearts? How indecent can any group that calls themselves “legislators” become? The GOP should hang its head in shame, and Speaker John Boehner should denounce his own caucus and announce his resignation, as he will not be party to the total destruction of the party of Lincoln, TR, Ike, and Reagan!

The few moderates that remain in the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives and those reasonable, sane members of the party in the Senate, and those Republicans in the states who realize what the Tea Party lunatics have done, need to stand up now, and demonstrate their principles and renounce what has happened, and that they are ready to form a new political party based on the respectable Republican Party of the past.

This is a new civil war for the future of American democracy, against the power of the religious Right and the extremists, who hate immigrants, minorities, women, labor, and the middle class that they have helped to decimate in the name of a false patriotism!

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  1. Engineer Of Knowledge July 12, 2013 10:04 am

    Hello Professor,
    Malala Yousafzai is the young Pakistani school girl that the Taliban shot in the head, and she will be addressing the UN General Assembly today. The Taliban’s message to the world was simple: girls have no right to an education and their dreams of a better future should be crushed.

    So as North Carolina been hijacked by the extreme right wing, “Christian Taliban” including anti-abortion fanatics, who are bent on taking away our Constitutionally guaranteed liberty.

    Earlier this year, North Carolina right wing nuts tried to pass an unconstitutional law targeting Muslims.  It is unconstitutional, a violation of religious freedom, to single out any specific religion for legislation.  Adding to the injury to our liberty, to our religious freedom in this country, they also tried to sneak in anti-abortion legislation, without allowing due process in public hearings and proper notification. Apparently their hope was that the issue of Sharia law would OBSCURE any attention to the abortion content.

    The Party that gives a lot of lip service to supporting freedom; what that is, every time, is bullshit designed to cover up that the intent of the right is the OPPOSITE of liberty and freedom.

    This was the opposite of transparency, the opposite of public business being conducted in public, by publicly elected representatives, FOR the public good.  It was instead the worst kind of hiding in the shadows because it cannot withstand public scrutiny politics by North Carolina Republicans.  The clear intent was to exclude any dissent, even if it also meant excluding any constructive criticism.

    When that failed, the North Carolina Republicans tried to do the same thing again, this time, at the last minute, without proper notice, without even appropriate notice to those on the committee through which the legislation was to proceed. North Carolina Republicans put on their tin foil crazy hats, and tried instead to sneak through an anti-abortion amendment to legislation intended to regulate problems with motorcycle safety.

  2. Ronald July 12, 2013 10:07 am

    Very tragic and sad, Engineer!

  3. D July 12, 2013 11:55 am

    It is a huge waste of time; especially true given the current status of majority control with the two houses of Congress. So, what gives with the Republican House presenting this nonsense in spite of a Democratic Senate?

    Well, this may not be exactly the answer others would offer; but, I’ll go ahead anyway. I consider this, along with many other meandering Republican House measures, to be just one in a long line of…

    … Auto-Erotic Asphyxiations/Masturbations.

    Some of the Republican House members are doing more of the first than the less risky of the second. Yes, they can be intense. Make no mistake, please, with recognizing that this is a group effort. Yes, the first of two is the more dangerous adventure. On the other hand, they find that to be quite satisfying.

    So, the Republican House are having their fun with their Auto-Erotic Asphyxiations/Masturbations. They intend to keep doing this at the great expense of the American citizenry. And they will do so because they get to live off the taxpayers of the United States for however long they will tolerate it.

  4. Engineer Of Knowledge July 12, 2013 4:31 pm

    Hello D,
    “Auto-Erotic Asphyxiations/Masturbations”. I like the analogy! Plus, I can see how accurate it really is. The extreme element of the House Republicans are playing to the Hee Haw Redneck, less than 7th grade education, non-thinking racist based element. The voting districts of these areas are so gerrymandered that many are embedded like a tick on a dog.

  5. Juan Domingo Peron July 13, 2013 4:10 pm

    “All Republicans Should Be Put to Death”- Georgetown Student. This is what happens when students believe the garbage their left-wing professors spout and conclude that Republicans just want to inflict pain and suffering on students. The media has been breathing heavy over the Republicans’ filibuster of the student loan bill that would reset interest rates to 3.4% from their recent increase to 6.8%. In March, the Republicans passed a market-based student loan bill, which is exactly what President Obama asked for.”
    “That’s a little harsh” says his friend. “No it’s not” was his reply. I’m sure the leftist liberal gene pool here would deep in their soul agree with the Georgetown student.

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