Day: July 16, 2013

A Deal Is Reached To Avoid Filibuster Reform, But Gain Approval Of Obama Executive Nominees!

As the Senate went to the brink on the possibility of changing the filibuster, the leading weapon of a minority in the chamber, an agreement was reached to allow a vote on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director, Richard Cordrey, and six other executive branch nominees, through an understanding arranged by Senator John McCain with Senator Chuck Schumer and others, taking away the weapon of holding off votes on these nominees, without changing the outline of the filibuster tactic!

It was an amazing example of ability for cooperation across the aisle, as the Republicans admitted that they should not stand in the way of confirmation of nominees to executive agencies they do not like, as it prevents proper functioning of such government agencies.

It was a defeat for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and a victory for Senator McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Senator Susan Collins, all seen as rational and reasonable, but able, with the adept handling by Senator Schumer, and the willingness of Senator Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, to push through Senate Filibuster reform IF the Republicans would not bend on the nominees.

Whether this surprising agreement at the last moment will bring about more comity and willingness to cooperate long term is yet to be seen, but President Obama succeeded in gaining a successful confirmation of Cordray, and the likelihood of other important confirmations being moved forward, so it was a good day for progressivism.

Right Wing Enemies Of Progressivism

The battle for progressive ideas and goals is a never ending one, and the right wing enemies of progressivism are numerous.

Among them are the following:

Fox News Channel–Roger Ailes
Koch Industries–Charles and David Koch
Freedom Works–Dick Armey
Tony Perkins–Family Research Council
Pat Robertson–Christian Coalition
Edwin Feulner, Jr.–The Heritage Foundation
Tom Donohue–US Chamber of Commerce
Rupert Murdoch–Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and Fox News
Grover Norquist–Americans For Tax Reform
Phyllis Schlafly–The Eagle Forum
David Barton–so called, self appointed expert on American History

There are other groups and individuals as well as these, but the above are doing everything they can to fight progressivism, and take away the hard earned reforms of the New Deal, Great Society, the Warren Court, and Presidents of both political parties who have promoted political, social, and economic reform!