Day: January 3, 2013

Speaker Of The House John Boehner: Worst Speaker Of Modern Times!

Speaker of the House John Boehner faces a vote today on whether he will retain his job in the new 113th Congress.

For so many reasons, he should be repudiated, although the alternative of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is no better!

Why should Boehner be removed as Speaker?

Boehner has presided over the most unproductive, least accomplished House of Representatives since at least World War II, if not throughout American history! The 112th Congress has been a total disgrace, with a public opinion rating of 12 percent!

Boehner has been totally unable to quell the Tea Party Movement within his party, a group that is destroying the party’s future!

Boehner has set a bad example by his drinking, smoking, and tanning habits, all of which are a terrible model for young people.

Boehner has utilized foul language toward Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, despite the fact that he must meet with and work with the Senate leader in the aftermath, and that demonstrates poor judgment and leadership!

Boehner has now indicated that he will NOT have any more personal, private meetings with President Obama, which insures further deadlock and stalemate for the next two years or more, and is a contrast to Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’Neill and President Ronald Reagan, and even Newt Gingrich with President Bill Clinton.

Face it: Speaker Boehner is a disgrace to his office, and should NOT be two heartbeats away from the Presidency under the Presidential Succession Law of 1947!

Total Outrage Over Denial Of Hurricane Sandy Relief By Republican House And Speaker Of The House John Boehner!

The decision of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives to refuse to give disaster relief aid to New York and New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy, an action by Speaker of the House John Boehner, is a total outrage, and has led to bitter denunciation by both Democratic and Republican leaders in both states.

Particularly outraged are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Congressman Peter King from Long Island, both of whom blamed Speaker Boehner by name. There could not have been a stronger attack by some Republicans on others, with King suggesting that no one give any financial support to the Republican Party for the future, due to the attitude of callousness displayed by Speaker Boehner.

The fact that libertarians and Tea Party activists in the House majority are against federal aid of any kind on anything, and want to destroy the federal government, led Boehner to repudiate his responsibilities and to cave in to their pressure!

The Republican Party is starting to disintegrate as a united party, as a result of recent events since the election, and the future of the party as a legitimate entity is in great doubt!