Disaster Relief

Chris Christie Vs Rand Paul: The Knives Are Coming Out!

It was inevitable that there would be “combat” between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and the knives are coming out early!

Christie has distinguished himself by his criticism of his own Republican Party in the House of Representatives, and specifically Speaker of the House John Boehner, for their dragging on relief funds for Hurricane Sandy.

He has also condemned the National Rifle Association for using an ad against President Barack Obama, in which his two daughters are mentioned. Christie said, correctly, that NEVER should children of public figures be used as part of an attack ad.

But of course, Rand Paul, a true whacko, loony, nutty Senator, who has never been a Governor, and is an eye doctor without official recognition by the traditional professional organization because he chose instead to form his own organization to give him legitimacy, went on the attack against Christie in an interview with right wing talk show host Laura Ingraham, denouncing Christie as looking only to appeal to Democrats and “liberal” Republicans, and having his hand out for federal largesse. And Paul was critical of Christie attacking the NRA.

Remember that Rand Paul, and his dad, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, are libertarians, who do not believe in federal disaster aid, hate government, and have a viewpoint that will never be accepted by the American people at large!

Neither Christie nor Rand Paul have any real chance of being the next President, but at least Christie has the ability to appeal to other than right wing Republicans, while Paul will not even be able to unite conservatives, since his isolationist foreign policy will turn off many right wing Republicans, and he also comes across as weird and whacky!

But this means the battle for the Presidential nomination of 2016 in the Republican Party is in full swing even before President Obama takes his second oath of office as President on Monday!

Total Outrage Over Denial Of Hurricane Sandy Relief By Republican House And Speaker Of The House John Boehner!

The decision of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives to refuse to give disaster relief aid to New York and New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy, an action by Speaker of the House John Boehner, is a total outrage, and has led to bitter denunciation by both Democratic and Republican leaders in both states.

Particularly outraged are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Congressman Peter King from Long Island, both of whom blamed Speaker Boehner by name. There could not have been a stronger attack by some Republicans on others, with King suggesting that no one give any financial support to the Republican Party for the future, due to the attitude of callousness displayed by Speaker Boehner.

The fact that libertarians and Tea Party activists in the House majority are against federal aid of any kind on anything, and want to destroy the federal government, led Boehner to repudiate his responsibilities and to cave in to their pressure!

The Republican Party is starting to disintegrate as a united party, as a result of recent events since the election, and the future of the party as a legitimate entity is in great doubt!

To The Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, David Siegel: Stop Funding Mitt Romney, And Instead Show Patriotism And Decency By Giving Multiple Millions For Disaster Relief For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy!

It is time for the wealthiest among us, many of whom have supplied tens of millions of financial support to Mitt Romney, so that they can “buy” the country, and make it the way they want it, against the interests of the American people, to stop helping Mitt Romney, and show compassion and decency, and a sense of patriotism, and give multiple millions for disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy!

You guys know who you are—Charles and David Koch, Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, and David Siegel!

But it is more than just these six men!

How about the Rockefeller family members, the Kennedy family members, the Bush family members, the Walton children who control Walmart, the top wealthy on the stock exchange, the top bankers, the top people in the computer technology industry, the top movie producers and actors, the top singers and musicians, the top sports figures and owners of sports teams!

Come on, you all are very lucky and fortunate, and you owe this to your country! It will be a tax deduction for charity, will improve your public image, will make people, at least for awhile, admire you for your decency and compassion, and help to overcome the image that rich people are just greedy, selfish, and have no regard for their fellow human beings!

Come on, get moving, as this nation needs you!

Oh, and by the way, Mitt Romney, why don’t you offer a few million dollars of support yourself, instead of only giving “charity” to the Mormon Church, and thinking that is adequate, which it is not, most certainly! You might just look less selfish, greedy, and corrupt were you to show, just for once, some common decency and compassion and empathy for those less fortunate, and therefore, improve your public image!

Dispute Between Chris Christie And Eric Cantor On Disaster Relief: The Splintering Of Republican Unity!

After the disastrous flooding damage that has been visited on New Jersey and Vermont, in particular, after Hurricane Irene, a dispute has developed between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, one of the “darlings” of the Tea Party Movement and conservative Republicans, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia.

Cantor has been saying that budget cuts to match disaster relief funds must be negotiated before aid can be dispensed, a stand that led the usually blustery Christie to make clear that such a stand was unacceptable, while people in his state waited for weeks or months for aid to recover from the hurricane.

On this, of course, Christie is absolutely right, and already it seems that Cantor may be bending, as it is MORALLY corrupt to take such a stand in a time of trouble!

The splintering of Republican unity has begun, as even the Tea Party Governors, having to deal with reality on the ground, are not going to be able, politically, to take the harsh stand that Congressional House Republicans are taking, sitting on their “thrones”, pontificating on the virtues of cutting spending in the face of terrible human suffering!

This dispute and split is great for the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama, as it will help to portray the GOP as the party of the elite rich, which only cares about the welfare of the wealthy among us, so let’s give a salute to Chris Christie for speaking up for his beleaguered citizens, and hope, at the same time, that Eric Cantor and his ilk, including Paul Ryan, take their “lumps” over this outrageous stand against quick hurricane relief!

House Republicans Hold Back On Disaster Relief And Emergency Preparedness, Insist On Budget Cuts

The House Republican leadership. led by Eric Cantor, Majority Leader, is insisting that there be budget cuts to match any increase in spending on disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

This outrage is being perpetrated as the Midwest and the South face the most daunting natural disasters we have ever seen in just the past few months!

The onslaught of hundreds of tornadoes in the past two months, including the most disastrous in Alabama and Missouri, along with the flood crisis faced along the Mississippi River all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, is a national emergency of massive proportions!

When a natural disaster occurs, reaction by first responders, police, firefighters, and paramedics should be unlimited without any consideration of budget costs!

If government cannot provide aid to the needy and the desperate in a time of trauma, then what good is government at all? It is NOT the job of government solely to defend the nation from outside attack and internal man made threats to our national security. It is ALSO to come to the aid of the needy, the poor, and the disadvantaged when a natural disaster occurs, without forcing budget cuts to match the disaster’s costs!

The truth is that there is no way around the fact that tax INCREASES will be necessary, whether the American people want them or not. It is government’s job to do what is “necessary and proper”, for the “common defense and general welfare”, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the “elastic clause”!

The Republican Party is showing its true colors in so many ways, but particularly in “blackmailing” the Democrats to force cuts in the midst of a national emergency! How despicable and disgraceful!