Jack Welch

To The Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, David Siegel: Stop Funding Mitt Romney, And Instead Show Patriotism And Decency By Giving Multiple Millions For Disaster Relief For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy!

It is time for the wealthiest among us, many of whom have supplied tens of millions of financial support to Mitt Romney, so that they can “buy” the country, and make it the way they want it, against the interests of the American people, to stop helping Mitt Romney, and show compassion and decency, and a sense of patriotism, and give multiple millions for disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy!

You guys know who you are—Charles and David Koch, Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, and David Siegel!

But it is more than just these six men!

How about the Rockefeller family members, the Kennedy family members, the Bush family members, the Walton children who control Walmart, the top wealthy on the stock exchange, the top bankers, the top people in the computer technology industry, the top movie producers and actors, the top singers and musicians, the top sports figures and owners of sports teams!

Come on, you all are very lucky and fortunate, and you owe this to your country! It will be a tax deduction for charity, will improve your public image, will make people, at least for awhile, admire you for your decency and compassion, and help to overcome the image that rich people are just greedy, selfish, and have no regard for their fellow human beings!

Come on, get moving, as this nation needs you!

Oh, and by the way, Mitt Romney, why don’t you offer a few million dollars of support yourself, instead of only giving “charity” to the Mormon Church, and thinking that is adequate, which it is not, most certainly! You might just look less selfish, greedy, and corrupt were you to show, just for once, some common decency and compassion and empathy for those less fortunate, and therefore, improve your public image!

Romney Government: Captive Of The Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, David Siegel

Six billionaires, who are accustomed to bullying their employees, and buying their way to what they want from politicians, have found a willing partner in a fourth of a billionaire, Mitt Romney, whose only real interest is to become President to enrich himself further, and accomplish his insane goal to make himself a billionaire, as they are, before he passes on to the next world, leaving his five sons the opportunity to become, over their lifetimes, multibillionaires–unbridled capitalism at its best.

The willing collaborators, and there are, indeed, others in this category besides these six, are:

The Koch Brothers, Charles and David Koch
David Siegel
Jack Welch
Sheldon Adelson
Donald Trump (who is clearly the “poorest” of this bunch!)

These people are accustomed to mistreating their workers; harming the environment; participating in unethical and illegal activities that they expect to avoid prosecution by colluding with rich politicians, such as Mitt Romney; spending a minor portion of their fortunes to promote policies that harm all but their own class; and spreading rumors and hate to divide the population, as they realize the weapon of “divide and conquer.”

These plutocrats belong in the Gilded Age of the late 19th century, but sadly, they and others like them are the power brokers who could “buy” our government, and dictate the end of democracy and fair play for all Americans, the end of the American Dream.

So defeating Mitt Romney is an urgency for the future of the Republic as we know it!