Day: January 21, 2013

Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural Address: A Speech For The Ages And A Call To Action!

President Obama has just finished his Second Inaugural Address, and it can be seen as a speech for the ages, and a call to action, far more impressive than his first Inaugural Address four years ago.

He brought up Seneca Falls, New York (women’s rights), Selma, Alabama (civil rights), Stonewall in Manhattan, New York (gay and lesbian rights)!

He brought up climate change, clean energy, immigration reform, protection of children and all Americans from gun violence.

He brought up the Founding Fathers, and our imperfect Union, being made more perfect over time, and with lots of hard work and dedication to making America better!

He spoke of the need to address the crises of entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and the need to fix them in a responsible way.

He challenged America to come together and take action to make America a better nation that fully promotes equality, social justice, and tolerance for all. In many ways, he sounded like FDR in his Second Inaugural Address!

And he called upon the nation to attempt diplomacy in place of going to war, and sending our military into harm’s way.

It is an ambitious agenda, but it is an inspiring speech that calls for our better nature to prevail!

Let us hope for a better second term for Barack Obama!

A Wonderful Moment: Jimmy Carter At Inauguration 32 Years After Leaving Presidency, All Time Record!

The sight of former President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalyn Carter being presented at the second Inauguration of President Barack Obama is a special moment!

Never before has a former President survived long enough to be in attendance at the inauguration of a successor eight terms after he left office!

And both the President and Mrs. Carter seem in very good health, despite their being 88 and 87 years of age, respectively.

And realize that former Vice President Walter Mondale and his wife also still are alive, eight terms after his being a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and then running for and losing the Presidency 28 years ago!

The inauguration of a President brings everyone together in a special way, for at least one day, to celebrate American democracy!

As Second Term Of Obama Commences, An Eisenhower Second Term Is Needed!

As the second term of Barack Obama begins, and with the record of mostly troubled second terms of Presidents, one can hope for an Eisenhower second term performance.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower presided over a second term which included:

Avoidance of war, including a summit meeting at Camp David with the Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev, something no one would have believed possible.

Promotion of human rights and social justice, with the intervention of the National Guard at Little Rock, Arkansas, advancing the Civil Rights Movement.

Advocacy of the advancement of science and education as a response to the Soviet Union orbiting Sputnik I in space.

Advancement of infrastructure by promotion of the interstate highway system, the greatest transportation advancement since the transcontinental railroad under Abraham Lincoln.

If these kinds of accomplishments are possible under Dwight D. Eisenhower, with an opposition Democratic Congress in both houses, it should be possible under Barack Obama, with a split Congress, a Republican House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate, working together for the public good!

Public Opinion As Second Obama Term Commences

Public opinion polls show President Barack Obama with a 52 percent positive rating as he begins his second term in the Presidency.

At the same time, the Republican Party has a 26 percent positive rating.

Speaker of the House John Boehner has a 18 percent positive rating.

The Congress has a 14 percent positive rating

The Tea Party Movement has a 9 percent positive rating.

Enough said about where public opinion stands on politics on Inauguration Day!